Working for Andela vs Safaricom.

My small bro is an IT nerd kabisa. Since a small boy he used to repair tv, radios,laptop, coding you name it. He managed to go to Jkuat and did Bsc in Tellecommunication!
Recently he applied and got positions at Andala and Safaricom. I think they are kind of internships that then lead to contracts. He will also be examined or so he says.Him he wants Andela but me I think Safaricom is the best and bigger opportunities. His field is something to do with coding, web development, AI, machine deep learning and some networking technology in between which he had had done earlier before joining jkuat. Ametumia pesa sana kupata certs na lasima zirudi. I have never hear of this Andela only a video on youtube. Is it a place he will grow even financially stable or just waste time and fare daily? For those who know something please advise

Safaricom is better, Andela wametoa watu juu ya covid!

Safaricom apate pesa…, Andela is slavery

Microsoft pays the best if he knows his shit. Safcom is good but the environment is toxic but he should get his foot in and gather experience then he can shift.

Aingie Google, Microsoft ama Safaricom. Experience in a large company ni muhimu for at least 3 years, then he can venture into private contracting where the big bucks is.

What do you mean by toxic. By the way all software engineers that i know who ever worked for safaricom never stayed more than 5years. All moved on to better things.

I cringed when I read “him he wants”…“me I think”…C’mon!

They now work remotely or from home if you like. Tell him to join Andela.
Safaricom is torture.

He should not go anywhere near Andela.

Office politics combined with unrealistic growth expectations. Guys who work there are always under pressure from management to improve the product or sales every quarter and there’s not much reward in terms of a raise. Some managers also play favorites there so who you know can be more important than talent.

Safaricom hakuna growth kabisa, ataingia na salo poa but astagnate hapo hadi azeeke. Aende Andela

Andela ni bure sana, they will soon close the Kenyan operation and release all their kenyan employees …Safaricom is clearly the only option if if its a choice between the two

Bsc Telecomms ya pale JKUAT,jamaa aende Safcom bwana hapo ndio atapata exposure ya hiyo course yake kikamilifu

Safaricom for some exposure. Case closed

How is torturous

Imagine working in the servers room for 10hours. Ze rooms are usually at -20°C.

Andela iko fiti, if anataka kulearn

In April last year Andela let go of 75 geeks Mkuu because of covid.The few that remained been working from home since.Safaricom on the other hand never fired anyone.I think at his stage in life he needs a stable place where he can get quality experience being part of mega projects like in Safaricom.
Once he settles there and earns some good money he can may be buy a car and start screwing young interns in the basement parking before moving on to the next challenge like his peers.

You surely have a beef with Safcom

IT is the most useless field in kenya. If someone in Kenya were to ask you what you do and you say you are a web designer or developer, they’ll give you as much respect as a form-four leaver who took a course in Microsoft Word…you all know why

Option 1
kama kijana hana connections in the few blue chip companies in kenya e.g cellulant,safaricom talk to @captain obvious amuonyeshe biashara za cyber nk.

Option 2
If the boy is skilled tell him to create an online portfolio in github,artstation nk. aanze kuapply kazi za walami
akilemewa go to option 1