Word of the night: White Knighting

white knighting

When a male, preferably after sex, stands before a kneeling female, whom he preferably just had sex with, and cums on both of her shoulders before declaring her a “knight of the white table”. The more cum used, the better.

Male: “Yeah, I brought her back, fucked her, then white knighted her.”
[I]Friend: “Ah, always great to see a new addition to the white table. White knighting for the win!”

src: urbandictionary[/I]

:D:D:D:D:D damn!

ati urbandictionary, kweli am learning. now i tend to agree with @GeorginaMakena , missionary all the way…

na mlale,

now wait for the hekaya by @pseudonym on how the village chief white knighted her. I enjoy her hakayas, coz she has a way of making you read while ‘standing’…comes across as the most adventurous gal between the sheets in this village. I wouldnt mind a bite of the pie…


Money and sex are inseparable…

ION Anyone in Ruiru Comfy Inn njoo tusherekee Mr. Ndirangu amelipa mahari… Was to use kyuk but nimesahau kidogo


This is a free mason and occultic ritual. Before jumping to do things kindly check background, this is a ritual done on a pentagram to dedicate new entrants soul to the devil, be they male or female,it includes gay sex and orgy to be ejaculated on by all the ‘high priests’ .Shindwe pepo.

sawa high priestess

The most adventurous or rather the ‘most open minded’ are in Church. :)Just saying. Some here would make pseudonym look like an amateur.

Never claimed I was a pro :slight_smile: I just love and enjoy good dicking and then write about it.

but you’ve never written about… err acha tu.

Maybe I am still enjoying it…

so you write about it once it’s no longer enjoyable?

When it is a memory. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Mrembo @Okwonkwo amejituma sana, kubali yeye aku dominate kidogo tu. Hurumia Boychild :):wink:

it’s a done deal.

All the best. Remember to sign the visitors book.
ION naeza endesha trela nikiwa twedi six?

You can but lazima ujuane Na watu Wa kukusaidia to get you approved very fast otherwise utaambiwa Keti paleeeee