Woooi!! Nani atasaidia huyu jamaa before kuharibike?

Beta dude missed the lecture on Kunguru hafugiki. He doesn’t realize single moms are always 2 steps of betas like him. He doesn’t realize a single mom can be anything or anyone you want her to be to blend in and survive. I just hope the lady he got is in the game for the long term coz if not, hawa ndio huwa wanajinyonga.


they are also human. dont hate

At least uyo analea akijua sio mtoi wake …wanaume hii Nairobi wanacheswa …

@Sokwe mtu maliza hii umbwa

The question is why was she being assaulted? Apparently the nigga has made a conclusion based on one side of the story…

As usual, all the captain SaveAHo’s feel the need to proclaim how they are better men while completely ignoring the fact that they are relying on a one sided sob story.

Kwani hao wanaume wote wako kilimani

Man of culture. A noble man so to speak. I welcome him to step dads club (SDC)

Oh yes! The woman told him only one side of the story. The side that made her seem like a victim.

let betas be… huyu ako beyond redemption

Also it beats me why he hasn’t yet impregnated his “wife” after all that time.

my 2 dollars and 5 cents are on that this is a bitter single mum using a pseudo account to express the image of the beta male she dreams of trapping…actually make that 200 dollars…[SIZE=2]meanwhile eodah unatafta nini kilimani mums?[/SIZE]

A single Mother Can Not Get Pregnant Again Outside of Marriage… She can’t. She has to be married now to get pregnant. Now we know marrying is not very easy.

:D:D the post was shared at a parenting group am a member.

That’s just a troll masquerading, which man uses all those emojis?

If it’s a man who wrote that, he is one insecure and irredeemably stupid dude. He should just lea the kid and enjoy the marriage quietly. This Jamaa ndio wale one day the Kunguru decides that she loved the tooth remover more and walks back to him. The next thing you hear is that this Jamaa alijinyonga. Nkt.

finish him!

That tone isn’t of a man

enyewe hatuko sure

Isn’t this sublimal messaging? Anyway, let us not underestimate human stupidity more so where a used up pussy is involved.