Woolworth's TRM Shuts Down


Effects za Nakumatt shutting down too?

It was the location … Na sijasema hivo kwa ubaya.
Mimi pia ni hustler.:smiley:

who shops there? I swear I have never seen even a single customer coming out having bought a handkerchief

But they have a new store at the hub and at 2Rivers! No loss here, just another business move

Watu watacatch kuambiwa they were the wrong demographic for the brand. Either way, have never bought anything from them maybe @Guru has bought plenty of parachutes

both you and woolworths are trying to in-directly insult us

pseudonym = it was the wrong location
woolworths = location was tiered lower than our target market

so does it mean the guys did not do their market research properly to know we couldnt afford their shit in the first place? or are they saying we have become poorer since they did their research and strategic decision to give us a next door store :D:D:D

I almost believed you.:D:D:D

Hehe watoto wa USIU overwhelmed the mall with selfies na hakukuwa na serious clientele. Alibhai Shariff also closed down and the vehicle parts shop on first floor will be kept alive by Watu wa Blue Subaru’s

Ahahahahaha…wueeh, lakini…

Let me just shurrap and continue assuming that you are still in my ignore list.

Therein lies the answer.
Na hii, ni maendeleo (in MO1’s voice)

You should!
Kuja nikupeleke lunch karumaido…:wink:

:smiley: they should have used different wording, hapo wameweka katusi kadogo

i think TRM should re-strategize on the business model, looks like all these high end stores might not the way forward

Nangoja “was taken out of context” statement to be sanitizer

hahahaha, howdy lakini?

They assumed the target market , the likes of @amun will not understand what they meant…:rolleyes:

Wonder how long furniture palace will stick around given they have two shops at TRM

furniture palace has two furniture shops at TRM?



Yep, ground floor and another on 3rd floor