Wooing the village ladies

Our ladies of the village are not being “tuned” the way the should be. So we will do it old school and we drop your special dedications to the very special women in our cyber-lives here.
So this song goes out to you my dear @Female Perspective:


I second

So that only you can wank to it? NO! Not fair!


Aaawwhh! Sweeeeeet! Right back atcha! Wet already!!

You have no idea the amount of Mkatiano going on people`s inboxes my friend. I know someone who has impregnated 4 “females” already na hiyo ni kwa inbox pekee. You can only hope they really are “female” though,the last thing you want is to impregnate a He-She!.. Sasa @Female Perspective !!!

Its all good. since we dont have saturday night show in this day and age to send our dedications, i figured we can do it here.
And stop impregnating people ka-buda. you have enough baby-mommas as it is!


just the way i like you to be :):rolleyes:

In order to woo frogs, learn to croak.


Haven’t you seen all the kitchen selfies from the pink handles? 4 pregnant? You must be the father! Do what you do best…play them all! Meanwhile Freek’n @nairobilay is all I see!!


Really pengine huyo ni @junkie or @Wakahomo…ti hi hi

Seriously there are new pple everyday…bt they never contribute lazima wawe kwa bedroom



You made it to elder-hood!:rolleyes:

Finally! It was about time!

We shall celebrate later with a 69 at Best Western.

this is not a wooing song just thot i’d dedicate it to the girls. seems appropriate today being TGIF.
@Female Perspective @Unicorn @Purr_27 @trish




Gives me goosebumps every time!

Unless you have people’s passwords ama una multiple handles that you use kukatiana, no one would know how much mkatiano, if any, goes on in the imboxes.

The most precious attribute of a platform such as this is that I am anonymous [ or so I like to think]. I don’t think I would trade my anonymity for anything. That means kukatiana ni a complete no, because at some time mtakuwa na pressure ya ku-meet [read nyege]. Then there is the ever-present risk that the person you are darting is a man. That scares the shit out of me.