Won't you like the Xiaomi MIUI 8?

So many excellent functions and features, you can’t help falling in love with Xiaomi devices using it. For instance, there’s this function called Second Space. When you activate it you feel like you have a totally different handset!
Apparently, it’s only Xiaomi who have this feature.

[SIZE=6]Why Second Space From MIUI 8 is Something Every Phone-maker Should Provide[/SIZE]
social apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. Developers introduced features using which a person can clone apps and configure two different accounts on the same phone. This feature was was amazing and just when we thought things couldn’t get any better, MIUI 8 introduced the concept of Second Space with MIUI 8.

While still in Beta, Second Space on MIUI 8 is a very interesting, and the first of its kind feature to be made available for Android users. It basically creates a second sandboxed environment where a person can have a totally different work space with a different set of apps, wallpapers, files and even unlock patterns. Some of you may wonder that Google already provides support for multiple accounts with Android Lollipop, what’s different in second space then? Let me quickly explain you the technical difference.

[SIZE=5]Google Multiple Account Vs MIUI Second Space: Same Concept… But Different Execution[/SIZE]
You can add different accounts in Android and have different wallpaper, theme, and even the ringtone. Also, with Android Marshmallow, security has increased and the user cannot see the data from one account to another. However, one needs to configure a different Google account in order to use the additional user feature. Moreover, switching to a second account from the lock screen is a time-taking process.

virtual operating system running inside your current one. At the beginning, some storage is allocated to the second space for the private files and data and it’s dynamic in nature. For example, if you have a game on primary space which is also present in the second space, the public files will be shared from the memory card. However, private data like account info and app settings will be maintained differently in both the spaces.

Image Source: MIUI Forum
The RAM and space management is dynamic and how and when required, MIUI will free up space in the memory to make space for the new ones. Therefore, it’s possible that the app in the first space may be closed in order to get more free RAM in the second space.

[SIZE=5]Is it Really That Useful?[/SIZE]
Second space can be useful if you wish to use the same phone for your official and casual needs. This MIUI 8 feature will help you keep a balance between the files, photos, and even the official data through the second space. The feature using which you can use a particular fingerprint or passcode on the MIUI lock screen is another reason to love it.

http://www.guidingtech.com/assets/postimages/2016/08/Second-Space-2.png http://www.guidingtech.com/assets/postimages/2016/08/Second-Space-1.png

Also for personal use, if there are apps like Tinder which you would want to hide from the someone you can install it in the second space. While you are using it, you can lock the phone and just login to the first space using the pass code and it will be like, it never existed.

[SIZE=5]It’s Easy to Get Started in MIUI 8[/SIZE]
The development is still in Beta at the moment and it’s unlikely to change much in the public release. Therefore, to activate the second space, you must navigate to the respective Android settings and activate the feature. You will be asked to choose the files, apps and photos you wish to migrate to form the second space in the process.


Finally, you will be asked to set up a lock code to secure the space. Next time, just unlock MIUI with the respective lock code or fingerprint to jump to the respective space. Also, on devices like Mi 5 and Mi Max, I never noticed any lag in parallel use. But that might differ from device to device, with older variants showing lags.

Note: There will be a home screen icon of Second Space that will be created for an easier switch. If you wish to be discreet, you might want to delete that.
[SIZE=5]That’s Clear Enough I Guess[/SIZE]
With all those features it’s clear how second space is better than multiple account feature of Android and why every phone manufacturer must think about implementing a similar feature in their devices. The only thing is that I see it only possible for Android users. As for iPhone guys, who are stuck with single SIM phones, I see no reason to even put the request on the table!

Must get one Xiaomi device one of these days

Xiaomi Redmi Note Pro, or Redmi Note 4x, or just Redmi Note 4. You will never regret!

These new companies are getting innovative. Infinix nao wako na XHide. A very convenient feature to hide content that you deem private. The content may be contacts, videos, recordings,pictures and also apps

Hio kazi tumekua tukifanya na vault

I know about that ni vile sasa wamejaribu kufanya iwe sio lazima utumie third party apps

[SIZE=6]MIUI 9 might come with split-screen function[/SIZE]
04 May 2017[I]http://cdn.gsmarena.com/imgroot/news/17/05/xiaomi-miui-9-splitscreen/-728x314/gsmarena_001.jpg
Xiaomi rolled out the latest MIUI 8.2 update in February and is now busy polishing the next version of its in-house launcher - MIUI 9. The company accidentally sent out an email to app developers about bringing two new features - split screen and PIP (picture-in-picture).

All Xiaomi phones with Android 7.0 Nougat will get the new functions along with the MIUI 9, including popular devices like the Mi 6, Mi 5c and Redmi Note 4. According to inside info, Xiaomi wants to implement the feature- even in devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Last month Xiaomi started a poll on MIUI forum about the split-screen version. Almost 80% of 7000 users responded that they would like the feature to see the daylight. It is already confirmed that MIUI 9 will be launched sometime in the second half of 2017.

Umetumwa na Xiaomi? Yako ni gani?

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2. It’s Using MIUI 8.1 on Lollipop. I’m praying for money so I can upgrade to the mighty Mi Max before it runs out of stock!

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Great phone, good seller. The price, however, is prohibitive kiasi!

Samsung have Knox

Hawawezi update hiyo simu yako hadi Android 7? Ama ni mzee sana?

Those with the knowhow do it. I always wait for ota upgrades. But miui v8.1.3.0 is more like the stock Marshmallow.

Actually it’s the global stable miui

Yea…bei iko juu,is there another seller locally?

Unfortunately, nope! Labda the smaller version, 5.15 inch.


Patiently waiting for an ota update