Wonder Woman Reviews



My sentiments exactly,movie ilikua na plot ya teletubbies:D:D:D

Can’t believe I wasted my 2 hours on this trash.

2 hours 31 minutes

Nilishindwa kumaliza opening scene…

Damn really? The first one was quite good, was hoping the second would follow suit. Still going to watch it and make up my own mind.

Yep… I’m usually a DC fan but this movie was bad… like a cheesy romcom. They had no idea what to do with Maxwell Lord. Third act was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. I get that one of Wonder Woman traits is solving conflicts with empathy and compassion but this was some boooolshit.

I don’t watch any crap that has a female as the lead character. I know tjey are many flicks with demales as lead characters , but I had a gut feeling that this would be trash and so I skipped it.

Tbh most female led superhero movies are a bore
Captain marvel was cringe na batwoman boring ka nansense

It’s more of a soap opera than an action flick.

Most superhero movies are a bore. The first WW was good though. And let me introduce you to Alita: Battle Angel.

The only superhero movies I think were worth the time are: Man of Steel (still can’t get how good Faora-Ul was in that movie), BvS: Dawn of Justice, Deadpool (the first one), Logan, Infinity War, Winter Soldier, Tobey Maguire Spidey movies, and GotG.

All others were meh at best.

This year has some cool story driven/drama movies like The Trial of the Chicago 7, The Devil All The Time, Hillbilly Elegy, The Kid Detective, The Windermere Children, Wolfwalkers, etc. But hardly anyone in this forum watches those kinds of movies.

A solid 8/10 if you ask me

barely 10 mins in was already bored went back to rewatching mando and baby grogu (The Mandalorian ssn2)

Mandalorian is one of the best series I have watched in a long time, Luke skywalker’s appearance makes me eager for season 3

I think that was more of a fan service. I don’t think they’d want to dilute (for lack of a better word) the adventures of the Mandalorian by introducing the Jedi. I’d rather it remain about Mando travelling to distant places and the advetures he finds himself into in the process.

True, but they should continue putting in Jedis once in a while,Jedis take war to the climax, i would like to also see how baby Grogu turns out after his training

Why do women ruin every good thing?

It pisses me off at how they seek to ride on already established franchises instead of coming up with their own

There was this Simpson episode where the local popular show Krusty is hijacked by a woman on some political correctness nonsense, they ruined it with bloody musicals… Speaking of which, why are there so many musicals… Ni nini kila mtu anaimba imba kama fala badala ya revolver ama spear zitembee.

Modern Slave book grows valid every single day, you slowly realize how men are getting conned at every stop.

Long live the red pill, it’s the only gift of the magi… Seeing through societal political correctness bull.