Wonder Why Singapore Is Not Our Peer? Singapore Executes Indian Man For Trafficking 1Kg Of Cannabis

Singapore on Wednesday executed a man convicted of drug trafficking, a representative for his family said, despite pleas from his relatives and activists for clemency.

Tangaraju Suppiah, 46, had been convicted for abetting the trafficking in 2013 of more than[SIZE=6][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)] 1 kg (2.2 pounds) [/SIZE]of cannabis, [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]double the threshold for the death penalty in the city-state, which is known for its tough laws on narcotics.

British billionaire Richard Branson, a well known opponent of the death penalty, had said the verdict against Suppiah did not meet standards for criminal conviction as he was not near the drugs when he was arrested.

Singapore executed 11 people last year and says the death penalty is an effective deterrent against drugs and that most of its people support the policy.

Singapore executes Indian-origin man for cannabis trafficking | World News - The Indian Express

Singapore ukiingia when filling your immigration entry card,kumeandikwa in big letters,drug traffickers will be executed. Why bring drugs or get your self in such complications…auliwe tu ju watu hawasikii. Heshimu nyumba ya wenyewe. Dont do drugs is not just a warning

Asian countries do not like drugs AT ALL, going there with junkie mentality is fatal.

Kweli Kabisa…Na uheshimu pia bibi zao religion zao na ata culture yao…ukitaka haki yako rudi kwenyu

Africans underrate the importance of the rule of law. It is the cornerstone of any sane and progressive society. There is a good reason why progressive societies are quick to jail their vermin and order retribution.

Too excessive.

The message is very simple; Kaa kwenyu uuze madawa vile unataka lakini ukikuja kwetu jua utadedi. Is that too complicated for your mango head to comprehend?

Na hapa Kenya je?



They don’t want to end up like this

Copy nilipewa ilikuwa in red letters. Those Chinese don’t joke.