Wonder is officially out Nairobi

i woke up this morning being a morning just like any other,a bitch who is my second senior called me in her office and started asking me some fbi questions…where were you last weekend???..i was at home with my family…do you know that there are other beautiful ladies out there who would love to spend sometime with u???..i did not know that …do you remember last week i requested you to accompany me to imax to watch a movie???..i,i,i,a mean am sorry i forgot…she just looked at me and said…our naivasha branch is in need of a manager pliz clear our office by friday and report in naivasha on monday morning…

   i just felt a cold shiver run down from my hair to my hands....i felt like i could knock her down but am was too weak for that,with shame and disbelief,i slowly walked out her office,in a record time of 2hrs i had facility cash to enable me to move out of nairobi.........

 as we speak am back from naivasha where i was looking for a house,my position has already been declared vacant after wonder volunteered to move to Naivasha....i got a 3 bedroom house at a kayole  paying 13k

…i cant belief this

 yours wonderful,wondering wonder

Kazi ni kazi.
A change is as good as a rest.:wink:

Salimia admin wetu, Ol monk, ukimwona.

look at the bigger picture…i am sure the move is also a promotion…meaning? increased salo. Then, you will get a cheaper house and spend less on transport. Over the weekend, you can still come do your stuff in nairobi then go back to naivasha. Moreso, you have more opportunies to DFHKM when chics come over on friday or satp …no going back hadi sunday jioni.

and you can still tell people you work in NAI.

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I would be celebrating, kwani I am the only guy that loves working in small towns? If I get an opportunity to work out of NRB I grab it

What a horny boss you had! It’s good you were strong, wanaume hupitia mengi.

courage man…and naivasha is such a lovely town, food is cheap, plenty potential for investment and am sure the family will definitely appreciate being away from the madding nairobi chaos. shida tu ni vumbi sometimes.

How lucky you are, my prayer is to land my feet in Kathwana, ni jangwa but 1000 times better than Nairobi.

Huko ni wapi?

:D:D:D:D Sounds like somewhere in Musyoka’s backyard…

Kumbe hata hujui Kenya? That’s the headquarters of your stronghold county, Tharaka-Nithi.

Nairobi is unfriendly. Jams, expensive food, water. High costs. Being away from the city is a stark difference.

Wonder sasa saidia huyu kaka atleast apate dem…

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kweli…???..nipe digitis

you guys amaze me…you always see what is hidden,you hear the soft voices…i thought this is a demotion…kumbe kwa watu wengine ni promotion…coke 2litres pap

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five yrs down the line you’ll thank your stars you eluded servicing that nyegious boss’ craving. but wait for a call one weekend soon; “Niko hapa la belle inn…”

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I didn’t know.:):slight_smile:

Na uchunge old monkey asikukamue,vile alikuwa anatetea mashoga klist,yeye ni ?,ama wacha tu

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Gathanwa ningî nî nakû¿¿¿