Women will write love letters to serial killers, take food to the remanded Omar Lali, fuck makangas, give birth to alphas’ babies, then get a monied beta as a human ATM.

Makes me believe that even these feminists acknowledge the primacy of alphas genes. Betas are there to nurture… Alphas to inseminate. Now, I’d think that a man would do best in alpha mode, but with no kids. Ensure she takes P2 or use condoms.

If you marry, treat your woman like you’d treat a dog. Feed and train her appropriately, otherwise you will end up with a rabid bitch in your house.

Uko na kamrembo unadate, kako fine af na unaeza penda kumuoa, back to the closet, umekumbuka ulimezanga redpill! Shitty times we living in