Women have this bad behaviour I usually dont like. A woman has the guts to tell a man that she doesnt want him because he is short but when you reverse and say you dont want her because she’s fat then they start throwing stones.

For them you must accept them unconditionally, for you they come up with all these conditions you must fulfill. Fuck that!!!

As for me i will never date a fat woman fuck that. Go and lose that weight. Hakuna kitu kama plus size. Lose that fucking weight. Otherwise niko kwa mat tumekwama kwa jam hapa Uhuru highway Allion bado iko service.

Kadere niaje bado unaispin.

Gari kubwa zina wenyewe…ikikushinda achana nayo. No way a woman can agree to your bs. Grow some more dick

zii… leo mi ni passenger

I have a 12" cobra…you wanna see it??
When I see you say no woman can agree to my bs i laugh…I got bitches stalking my inbox from morning to evening…you wanna see it??

alafu mafuta ni ya kufry kuku na chips

:D:D:D:D:D mbona uaribie mtoto wa wenyewe siku na hizi high flying sweeps.

Always plan your lies…plan them well. Today you have confirmed what I have always suspected. You are a short man and you have been suffering the repercussions from shallow minded women. Oki…so the women can go lose weight but you cannot make yourself grow taller and that is a harsh reality. Hata ukijiita tall mnyama everywhere, in reality nothing changes.

Kijana wamum tuite housewarming.

Which inbox?

Okay lemme tell you when woman looses weight, that excess skin hubaki hapo hapo tu. Ukimgusa unatamani time she had unshifting skin… Then unamwangalia unashindwa ulikosea njia wapi ndio mkapatana

Hii kesi imefungwa. Nashuku sana uyu @tall mnyama everywhere ni mzee anachezea ligi ya 4 inches.

@tall mnyama everywhere hebu nisaidie na digits za mamako

Kila nyani na raha zake, kama umekataliwa na gari kubwa, just accept and move on…

Everyone has their individual preferences and they are entitled to these preferences…

For example, individually, I can’t stand obese women with those flabby arms and over-extended + bulging fupas, those are disgusting and make me uneasy… How can someone be that fat? I’ll never understand, it is unhealthy and unattractive.

The same way some women find vitambis/pot-bellies disgusting… Physically, you attract what you are.

But hey, everyone deserves to be loved.

Another 4 inches nigga detected. You only hate on what you cannot afford and in this case your dick cannot afford to go past a mom’s thighs. Pambana na hali yako

I have a big penis and I don’t give it to fat women. You are fat and undesirable.

Sasa story ya dick-size imetoka wapi? If you find obese women attractive, power to you… Those are YOUR preferences, not MINE…

Even if I had the inches, my dick deserves a healthy and FIT woman… I don’t work hard and long-hours just to dick unhealthy women

Kama uko na little diick, nunua hii alafu thank me later.

tall mnyambo everywhere stories zako niliwacha kuamini…always day dreaming with fake stories

these people have mastered the art of double standards na hata hawafichangi… i once had a lazy one who used to insist that mamafua to be paid 5sok is too much for nguo za mtu moja but didn’t hesitate to sing it to me all day long and demand treats whenever she washed for a few hours…

It’s never that serious folks.

Naona kuna wengine walienda School Of Diplomatic Matusi…took classes in Jumping To Conclusion 101 and Joining The Dots 102.
Si mnaongea matope haki…