I rarely use my jallopy coz I work in town and hate the inconvenience of parking and jam. I only use it when am going to see a client coz the company will pay mileage. So I let mama watoto use it since she works in some out of town place that takes her 10 mins to fika. I prefer to doze through the jam in the (dis)comfort of a mathree. Normally, wife leaves at 7 na mimi 7.20 hivi.

Sasa Leo nilikua na client ngong rd at 9. So tulipitana na mama akitoka bathroom mimi nikaingia. By the time I was leaving the bathroom at 7.15, mama ametoka, na ameenda na gari. Tried calling she doesn’t pick. 7.30 I left the house, got to town 8.30, took my lappie and off to ngong rd. Nilifika kwa client kitu 10. Client said the boss has set the mtg for another date coz I was late. Basically, the deal is lost. Mhindi amenikereresha mpaka akatokwa na roho.

Wife kumshow she’s blaming me for not telling her I need the car, so she assumed am not using it. My car. I feel like killing her. Wacha nipewe GK tatu nitulie.

Mwenye ako na manual on how to handle women, please nisambazie.

lakini to be fair, you didn’t tell her earlier that you were going to use it today. she assumed ni kawaida utaenda tao na mathree.

Makosa ni yako, wachana na bibi

Naona tumezoeana.

Kubali tu umeweka na sugarmummy. Tutakuelewa bratha.

Pole bro.

You should’ve informed her that you planned to use the car… sorry bout the lost deal though.

it is your business to organize your life…and that involves informing others of changes in your routine so you don’t get inconvenienced and inconvenience others too.

Mlisema huyu Gendarme handle yake ya kawaida yeye ni nani?

wewe unakuwanga team footsubishi wacha perepere

Hapo tuseme tuu ukweli makosa so ya wife. If she has been using the jalopy everyday why were you expecting today would be different. Are you not behaving like women: Expecting men to know what’s on their (womens) mind. Unless every single day you consult who takes the car, it’s obviou she expected the usual.

communication is very important,you should have informed her earlier

If you did not tell her Did you expect her to read your mind ?

Kabla ma femi-NAZI na femi-KGB wafike…, COMMUNICATION is the key word here, bibi yako sio mind reader

Ikifika kesho, hii story itakua ya Jana. Relax. Na mhindi, hmmm meffi yeye!

" mama boi, kesho natumia gari".

Ivo tu na ungekua na deal mkononi.

Seems your wife is very calm. Amekwambia tu ukweli. Ungemwambia unataka kutumia gari. Communication my friend kwa relationship


Mama Matioli, kesho nitaenda na gari"

Do you guys realize we’re talking about MY CAR, not our or her car?

What happened to common courtesy? Why would she assume I don’t need the car today yet I use it on some occasions? Mbona mazoea? So, if am used to dishing some goodies to a chokora somewhere, siku ile atapata siyuko ajichukulie?

You’re getting it wrong.

inaitwa kukaliwa chapo boss.accept