Women women women!! WOMEN..


Can spot another woman’s hair on their husbands coat 20 meters away yet knock down a pillar 2 meters away while parking…

Can deny theirs husbands sex for three months yet knock out any one who offer their husbands sex. …

They hold you tight when their girl friends are around yet make you sleep in the couch in the house.

They buy 1000’s shoes yet they always use one pair a day…(the plastic one)

They plait their hair on Sunday for 6 hrs for 3k yet complain why their husbands spend 5 hrs in a bar on Friday n spend 2k.

They eat chicken,chips, burger, pizza etc yet have the guts to ask am I fat or am i adding weight.

They wear veeerry short skirts yet keep pulling them down…


Back up your claims.

heh hawa ni akina unicorn na purr

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@Ibwit Kwanza hio ya skirts get into my nerves… You also find a dark lady with a blonde weave, from far she looks like a Duracell battery.


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makes them look like porn stars

Women are very confusing creatures. A woman’s yes means yes, her no means yes and her no means maybe yes or maybe no or maybe both. And somehow you are supposed to figure out when she means means yes and when she means no.


Men…always complaining about women but they still can’t live without them.