Being a keen son of a gun, I have realized that there is a rather peculiar and bizarre behaviour that women have of bumping into people(men especially). It is as if they literally lack a sense of direction or a navigational compass. I am yet to make sense of this occurrence.

Yaani uko tu shuguli yako vizuri walking in a straight line adjacent to a wall, alafu mama Jayden ana acha barabara kubwa pande yake when she gets in close proximity and starts curving towards your direction. So usipompisha, you will def bumb into each other.

I always thought I was tripping but today I bumbed into like 100 chicas and I was compelled to do some research of my own. It seems that I am not the only observant mofo


I only give way to old folks, the rest of you can run into my shoulders.

Thread closed…upuus

Get big son. Eat skinless chicken breast and lift heavy ass weights. Mofos will move out of the way in polite deference to your swoleness.

Actually women will hit you intentionally. I dont care how big you think you are.

Get real boss, women do that?
I thought it was clumsiness or a general superiority attitude

Yes some will. The ones who are attracted will always find reasons to initiate physical contact. But you can’t tell me every single woman you meet will intentionally bump into you. Having a large frame definitely helps people respect your personal space.

Exactly…straight up fax

So basically you are saying the more attractive you appear, the more the bumps…trying to grasp your theory here

This thing actually has a name. Kupigwa kumbo na dem ni kawaida, halafu kama anakujua itakuwa, “polepolepole haki pole woiyee…” Me nikijua atanigonga nimebeba chai nitamrushia yote kwa uso kinjaro.

Something like that. If it’s a specific woman who keeps doing it then kuna kitu hapo. But a lot of people, women included, are just clumsy or lost in their own world while in public. And women generally expect you to move for them as they are the weaker sex.

Mimi akinikujia namgonga na ninaenda.


Haja gani uharibu chai bure fathela, lakini sikuwahi jua hio kitu huwa.

Same shit happened to me several months ago…Dem ameacha njia anakuja kunigonga, the she sheepishly laughed and apologized. Hii tabia mostly tena is common among women who are thirsty or horny for you specifically… Mostly ni attraction. Women who like you will do everything to be near you or initiate physical contact.

An example of Ktalk going to the dogs. I like random threads lakini hii nayo ni absolutely useless.

Straight up dawg


:smiley: ghaseer

Kwani kuuita mtu umbwambia excuse madam unablock my way na rasa