Women politicians.... Smh

Kama si Wamuchomba, ama Wanga, ni Purity na Sweetie. Hii kazi ya women rep itolewe kwa katika.


Kirinyaga Woman Representative-elect Purity Wangui
[SIZE=16px]Ngirici has hit out at the Governor Anne Waiguru, accusing her of disrespecting her.[/SIZE]

The embattled Ms Ngirici tore into Ms Waiguru “for refusing to recognise her as the leader who mentored her when she joined politics”.

“Respect is two-way traffic and if Ms Waiguru does not respect me as as a duly elected leader or as her mentor, then I will not also recognise her,” she told Nation by phone.

Ms Ngirici explained that she could not attend the inauguration ceremony of Ms Waiguru on Tuesday because she was not happy with her.


The politician recalled how Ms Waiguru’s supporters humiliated her soon after she was declared the winner at St Michael’s Girls Primary School in Kerugoya.

"When I was declared the winner of the seat by the county returning officer, Ms Waiguru’s supporters burst into songs as they mocked me.

“Ms Waiguru who was also announced the winner of the gubernatorial seat was present and did not stop her supporters from mocking me. I was very annoyed," said Ms Ngirici.

She continued: “If you were me, would you have dared to attend the swearing in ceremony of Ms Waiguru?"


The woman rep also said she skipped the ceremony after learning that some people had been planted at the venue to boo her.

“My intelligence informed me that there was a plan to humiliate me once again and that is why I failed to attend the swearing-in ceremony of Ms Waiguru,” she added.

She also claimed that Ms Waiguru is fearing her because she (Ngirici) is the most popular politician in the region.


People supported her en mass as a wonen rep and woyldnt do the same as gov. Nax Wakarura has the same issue

…they are now over, mis and under representing us:mad:.

lemmi ask…women reps,how much do they bag home?

Thanks for the correction :slight_smile:
I hope this isn’t endemic seeing that they’re yet o be sworn in and we still have 5 years to go.

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Kama Seneta

how much?

Wameenda kupeleka cat fights bunge…ako wapi moses kuria tupunguze mzigo…punda amechoka


most of them are seeking relevance and attention but in the wrong way…if only they could emmulate Mrs. Kenyatta…wainitiate laws n projects zinasaidia women directly wangekaa hapo 10 years bila stress


Huwezi piga Waiguru:eek:

That woman is powerful.

Ngirici should have kept quiet.

By the way Moses Kuria alete ile bill yake ya kupunguza mzigo

621k down from 710.

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And she has the backing of UK and Bill. Purity ni kelele tu anapiga but they need to be grown up.
They’re representing the hopes of many people. They shouldn’t let them down.

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I personally think anyone who just wants to honestly serve people can do with 600k per month. even if its taxed again to 500k. unless they have a serious problem abt financial management.


Rumours are Ngirici has interests in the ‘chemist’ business

they will lump themselves with the 5 M car loans and 20M mortgage packages that come with the positions even if they already have their own houses and cars then waanze kuumia. That is what they do.


Yesterday a certain MP explained that it is impossible to repay those loans and still give wananchi handouts.

Loan ni 7m. 5m car grant imetolewa.


For clarity, here’s the new structure.

Source: https://www.google.com/amp/www.capitalfm.co.ke/news/2017/07/kenyans-save-sh8-8bn-new-pay-structure-src-abolishes-allowances/amp/

New Salary Structure for State Officers:

Kshs. 1,443,750/- down from 1,650,000/-

Deputy President
Kshs. 1,227,188 down from 1,402,500

CS, AG, Chief of Defence and all those of the same band
Kshs. 924,000 from Kshs. 1,056,000

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Principal Secretaries and all those of the same band
Kshs. 765,188 from Kshs. 874,500

Commanders of Various Forces – KDF
Kshs. 746,461 down from 854,241

Speakers of both Houses of Parliament
Kshs. 1,155,000 down from 1,320,000

Deputy Speakers
Kshs. 924,000 down from 1,056,000

Leader of Majority and Minority
Kshs. 765,188 down from 1,020,000

Members of Senate and Members of National Assembly (Parliament)
Kshs. 621,250 down from Kshs. 710,000

New Salary:
Kshs. 924,000 down from 1,056,000

Deputy Governor:
New Salary:
Kshs. 621,250 down from Kshs. 701,441

County Executives
New Salary:
Kshs. 259,875 down from Kshs. 350,000

New Salary :
Kshs. 144,375 down from Kshs. 165,000


  1. All Governors allowances.

  2. All Deputy Governors allowances.

  3. Reimbursable Mileage allowance/s

  4. Special Responsibility Allowances

  5. Sitting allowances for attendances by Members for Senate and National Assembly


  1. These salaries have been gazetted and are now law.

  2. The Salaries are gross salaries subject to statutory deductions.

  3. The Salaries will be fixed for the term of Office including for all successors to the Office.

  4. From the above there will be a saving to the Country of Kshs. 8,853,204,952/- (8.8billion) per annum on the various items of categories saved above.

The wage Bill will now drop from 52% of GDP as it stands now to about 35% of GDP.


and why do they take them? honestly with a salo of 1M per month even if you set aside 200K for monthly handouts you can still build substantial investments or even a house. Or it is the peer pressure of the crowd that does them in

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