Women can be heartless

Just read this on twirra and amspecchless
How can a woman leave you for another man just 2 months after you donated a kidney to her? Even before the wound is fully healed. This has just happened to my cousin.



Kidney irejeshwe! Na apologies kibao!

Women are not necessarily heartless…but when a woman puts you in the shitbox, there is no coming out of the shitbox. You can even donate your nuts, but there is no coming out of the shitbox. Learn the signs early amigos!

Beta male problems.

Can’t relate too


Hapo ndio MTU akiomba kidney yako unaenda river road unakam na barua ya daktari wa India to the effect that yako moja ishatolewa already.


Watasikia siku gani kunguru hafungiki?

Naumeuza ukanunua probox

Weak nigga problems. These niggas never learn man! Never give anything you can’t afford to lose to a woman, whether it’s money or a fucking organ.

iyo mchezo mimi hapana tambua…the only person who I can donate my body organ to has to be a close relative i.e parents or brothers/sisters…hao wengine wajipige punyetto