Women are their own worst enemies

Nimeenda wines and spirits. Leo nalewa home kwa my home office nikiangalia some hustles. Kuna huyu dame kwa entrance sijui anapromote pombe gani amenshindilia sana kuniambia how smooth her alcohol is but I could hear none of it na sina pesa ya kuwaste na pombe. There were two working class women also buying alcohol and they realized she was bugging me despite my objections. Wakamuuliza, juu walikuja mbele yangu mbona hakujaribu kuwauzia. Evidently, the girl must have ignored those women and targeted me and they were very furious about it. Nimewaacha wakitusi the poor girl juu siwes vumilia kuskiza shenanigans za wanawake wamekasirika. I’m not a birrionea so dont judge. Keep in mind that hao wanawake wamebuy black label and obviously had more to spend on alcohol. [ATTACH=full]161693[/ATTACH]

I can see u arent a billilnaire unastuka nini ati black label ulevi ni ile ile

Sure. But those women were really offended that she did not try to sell anything to them. Waliona kama wanadharauliwa

Labda Hao wanawake wawili walidhani wewe ni billionaire

niaje mtu ranstorm

Haha. Birrionea anabuy Smirnoff ya 350 na sprite? The reason walizusha ni juu huyo dame wa promotion aliwalenga akaanza kunisumbua. They felt despised by a fellow woman.

Poa. Mimi ni mtu ranstrom

Shida for that girl, akiwauzia watamtukana pia, kumuuliza kwani anadhani hawajui walichokujia.

The thing is, I walked in innocently, and she was on my case from when I walked in. She was too persistent and other customers noticed and started complaining. The two women asked why she hadn’t offered selling to them, despite their earlier arrival.

The poor gal was waiting on you to defend her ndiyo mjuane umkamue
enyewe sisi wanaume tuko na shida ya signs
anauzianga pombe wapi??

Peasant detected

I tried to be as polite as I could. To quote myself “I appreciate your sales efforts, but maybe some other time I will buy the brand you are promoting”…I am not a rude person in real life and I respect her hustle. But she couldn’t get the clue.

don’t smoke out the peasant

That’s how you detect new/fake money. Rich fellows draw satisfaction from themselves, not others. Achana na fake bimbos. Probably waliumiza sponyo.

Let me paint the scenario for you. Maybe they had a genuine reason to be offended. You walk into a liquour store and there is this girl promoting a brand at the entrance. Kwa counter there are two women, about 30 years. The girl tries to sell drinks to you, even when you blow her off kindly, she doesn’t get the clue. I respect peoples hustles so I tried to be as kind and gentle as I could not to spoil her day. The two women get the clue and ask why she didn’t try selling her liquor to them. I sense trouble and drive off after buying my Smirnoff

uko na bidii ukitumia hiyo mouse

That’s normal in most places,by the way, waitresses always go to the gents first and ignore ladies.We got used to it. That’s why I always sit at the counter.Brilliant conversation and quick service at the same time.

A peasant got to do what a peasant got to do. That HP touchpad doesnt augur well with me. I prefer the optical mouse. You are welcome

Those two ladies were very bitter about that situation. They felt belittled and looked down upon by that young girl promoting some drinks. Niliacha wakimtusi imagine. I think she should have tried selling her drinks to them too. Maybe they were interested but she didnt bother. Nowadays, women drink just as much as men and I think she should have been smarter. Women have their own money nowadays.

ndanu alijifungua?