Women are their biggest enemies. This lady always so bitter and full of bile...

But as usual, she gotta hate on a lady miles above her league.

ii ni ujaluo tena
Orangutan tulia
lupita is ugly to me
so is your mother
meffi wewe

Grow above tribalism, cannot judge before i see the other side of the story

I don’t see any issue in this tweet…

A sad state of mental affairs. Hii ciku ni ile superdrum ilikataa kuzaa after kukula P2 kama mahindi ama?

Mashoga hukula p3 ama? ngui , Malaya mataritari

You have already made it a tribal affair yet I have not given the slightest indication that this is about tribalism. You are a true tribalist

lupita was right about balala lying they’ve been trying to reach her for 5 years, lupita didn’t mock balala but rather said the truth, nothing wrong with her tweet.

Absolutely. But Ciru has already made it something else. Her toxicity can be seen from a mile away.

That Ciku is an absolute weapon, preoccupied with toxicity and taking cheap shots at, surprise, ladies doing better than her.



Leave the two ladies alone,one is an entitled rich kid while the one bickering is always on pms.So we cannot take her serious.

Truth be told…Lupita likes to associate with Mexico than Kenya.

Yet her folks are patriotic. Her dad has done a good job in Kisumu. I was there just recently and loved the cleanliness and organisation of the City.

Lupita Nyong’o hajakosea hata kidogo.

Huyo Muiruri first of all ni gun for hire by her masters who are well known.

lupita akwende

And where’s the problem with that?

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Both ladies are looking for likes, and within their rights. We can’t judge them, but wakiosha elders mesho tuko tu sawa…