Women are So Gullible- Wakiona Pesa Na Gari Wanakubali Kila kitu

Dicklofenac is usually a nice catalyst to sweeten the deal

I was conned Kshs. 20,000. His names are THOMAS MWANGI NJUGUNA 0722160543. We met through a facebook group and he told me that he’s a businessman selling construction materials huko Kangundo rd. Last week alikuwa Ruiru waiting for someone and because the person was taking longer to arrive he came to my place of work amngojee hapo. The guy came and gave him a carton with two bottles inside with a blackish substance and mwangi:D:D:D[SIZE=6] gave him cash (a huge amount[/SIZE]…could even be fake money). Later another man by the name IRUNGU came and collected the box and they too exchanged cash. I became curious and asked him about the items and the cash akaniambia that he also supplies sea food and insecticides to a certain company in Naivasha whereby he is paid on the spot after delivery. So one bottle ni 10k and sells at 13k.

IRUNGU was somehow lecturing him in my presence akimwambia amempatia vitu kidogo na mhindi atakasirika na if he wants to sustain the biz atafute 2 dozens ndio mhindi asi-cancel hio tender. :D:D:D[SIZE=6]All the three guys had cars.[/SIZE] Mwangi drives a small grey nissan saloon. Days he called me requesting me to loan him 15k anunue hizo vitu two cartons and i sent him the cash. He had promised to refund the my cash plus profit after a few hours. Later he told me nimtafutie 2k for fueling the car aende naivasha because IRUNGU the naivasha company manager could not make it to come and collect the items, na nikatuma. Jioni he called ati he wasn’t able to reach Naivasha amerudishwa na polisi wa roadblock and the items held bcz he did not have a permit. And so because ilikuwa thursday before good friday he would finish the business on tuesday.

On sunday he told me ameenda Naivasha hapo kwa roadblock to collect the items after the policeman who had held them called him aende achukue juu ni sunday na wakubwa hawako. On Tuesday he called me kuniambia amefika and the company accountants want to be bribed 10k and later lowered to 5k na yeye hana,nitafute for them to approve the payment. He even put one lady and gentleman on phone i negotiate the bribe on his behalf. I told him sina pesa. He told me ako na 2k nitafute 3k soonest possible ndio amaliziwe b4 5p.m. i sent him the 3k but since i delayed sending the money the offices closed and he was to spend the night there amaliziwe asubuhi. That was the last time we spoke he has not been answering my calls. I’ve since learnt that he’s a known conman and has conned a lot of people.



Greedy people are the most vulnerable to con games.

Hawa ndio washienzi utapata wakilia vile uhuru ameharibu ushumi na bado wako na 20k za kuchoma.

I thank God a fool was made to part with own money. Mjinga akiwa na pesa ii kenya haitakalika.

Huyu aliona future omuhusband. Based on my own personal experience, women are only courteous to two types of men: Mr rich man(Beta bux), Alpha male(good-looking, built fuckboy). If mwanamke anatoa hadi pesa zake anakupea jua kwamba you are hooked.

Huku ndani watu wanapesa sana kwanza wanawake.

they want sucess

Same script na ile tulisoma hapa juzi ya dalamere na insecticides.

it’s a permutation of the same scam. Lakini huyu ni mjinga kuruka. Being conned by someone you met a week ago on a Facebook page. He probably disarmed her with dicklofenac first

I like the comedy!! 2017 the mulot cons were already doing this crap, some beans tender in some highschool bs

Unajua anachukua kutoka kwa ‘masimp’ na ‘maorbiter’ na kumpatiya mwenye ameweza ‘kumf*ck’ mentally

After she saw the “blackish substance” in the bottles hapo ndio akili ingefunguka. That’s a conman or drug dealer until proven otherwise.

Women gravitate towards material and opulence.



they are not usually greedy but desperate…

boy boy wa saiba uko na savings za how much saa hii ama ni kelele tu ndo unapiga mtandaoni?

Professor Faggot leo ndio umejitokeza? Najua kuna micoondu inaumia mahali.

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