women and Banks

If a man was to match his woman with a bank, what bank name would he choose? E.g…
[li]Women who play hard to get - Chase Bank. [/li][li]Women who date both men and ladies - Equity Bank. [/li][li]Women who date married men - Family Bank. [/li][li]Women who r friendly 2evry1 - Rafiki Micro Finance. [/li][li]Women who date everyone - World Bank.[/li][li]Women who r too tiny - SME Microfinance. [/li][li]Women who took too long 2give in - Faulu Kenya.[/li][li]Women who r obsessed with africans - Bank of Africa. [/li][li]Women who only date a certain class of men - Standard Chattered Bank.[/li][li]Women who love their families too much - Jamii Bora Bank. [/li][li]Women who just can’t shut up - Eco Bank. [/li][li]Women who keep making postdated promises - Post Bank. [/li][li]Women who follow u evrywea u go K-Rep Bank. [/li][li]Women who r valuable and trust worthy - Diamond Trust Bank. [/li][li]Women who co-operate - Co-operative Bank. [/li][li]Women who r always in the bar drinking - Bar-clays Bank. [/li][li]Women who r always borrowing money and asking 4credit - Credit Bank[/li][/ul]


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@bei where do I fit in? When I was a child, my moms opened an account in my name at HFCK and I use the old azz thing to this day.