Women age like cuddled milk

Post ya Guka about his long time favorite pornstar imefanya macho ifunguke. Kweli women have the shelf life of milk, a few years na wanakuwa maziwa mala. On the other hand, men are like wine, they get better with age… especially kama mfuko iko sawa.

Nimeshangaa sana kuona how Celine Dion looks at 50.

This is how the late husband looked like at the age of 73.

Celine Dion at 50, akiwa amejishikia ka-Ben 10

In other words, inaitwa kuchapa.

Celine dion started singing long time ago,she has done alot and fullfiled her dreams.Furthermore ,people keep their life secret,maybe she is sick but you are here trying to behave like a philosopher only that you are clueless of what she is going through.

Ile theory inakaa huwa ukweli. Mzee akishikana na a younger person anamgawia uzee, and vice versa. Rene alikuwa ameshinda Celine na 26 years. Ata these girls in their early 20s who have old sponyos, ukimpata after five years anakaa kimama kia fote-something years.
Even me, nishagonga thate years but mi huambiwa nakaa twedi four years hapo. If you know you know.

She is aging fine. Most women at that age look like a old fluffy sofa

@Ice_Cube at 50 years akisema ‘Brack don’t crack’

Hii kitu ya ku-age kuna vile inaweza mitigatiwa. I’m sure we all know people who take good care of themselves and look 10-20 years younger than they actually are.

I don’t like mocking people’s misfortune and more especially women. The woman’s body undergoes so much change in comparison to a man’s . Mrembo akikukataa tafuta mwingine, your 10/10 will prove to be a 3/10 due to exposure.

Waingo si wewe ndio ulikuwa unasema hapa siku ingine ati your dating strategy ni kungojea they hit the wall ndio bei ishuke:D:D

:D:D:D nli kuwa na counter hio slay quin by showing her that her standards are vane juu iko siku ata beat and standards will evaporate in a non confrontal way. Lakini mtu mzee awachwe apumzike kwa amani.

weka pic ya wamama wa kenya at 50

Compare with this hot piece of Latin ass that will also turn 50 in July. Muy caliente!


She is 52years

Vitu nyingi sana huchangia how you look in old age, could be genes, illness, depression etc, etc, don’t blanket condemn Celine Dion yet your biggest achievement in life is sharing safisha mecho material.

Hapa siwes mind kusalimiana na Gatheca

Very true bwana ken, it seems @Barueri is a clueless elder whom his thinking shut down long time ago and cant thing or compare several women at 50,what they have undergone and then make a conclusion.

Wacha male simping behavior nanni

You miss the point nugu hii,i am telling you open your eyes and stop judging women,different environment will change how people live,grow and maintain their body

Inamanisha huyu nanii Ni beta male scavenger:D:D:D:D:D

Hakuna mtu hajui hivo, wacha @Tuseme ukweli about that simple fact. But if you randomly sample the population, a clear trend will appear.

Did I condemn her or attempt to give a theory as to why she looks waay older than JLo who is still a hot piece of ass? Wacha nyege mingi nanii.

Ukitaka kujua vile bibi yako atakaa in her late 40s, 50s, 60s etc just look at her mother. Simple. Then calculate whether it is worth it in the long term scheme of things. If you’re wise like me, u will find sipping fine cognac, sailing around the world and accumulating property a much better prospect for your limited time here on earth.