Woman suffocates after fridge explodes in house, children escape

Never in my lifetime, have I ever heard or a refrigerator exploding. Wonder what brand it was.

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A 45-year-old woman died on Wednesday night at Mwanzo Estate in Eldoret after inhaling smoke from a refrigerator that exploded in her house.
Police said they are investigating Susan Njoki’s death, although preliminary investigations indicate she could have suffocated after smoke from the suspected explosion filled her house at night.
Her two children escaped through a window.
“We tried to get access to her house to rescue her but her main door was locked and there were heavy grills mounted on the door,” said a neighbour.

She was sleeping in a different room from the children.
The neighbours said her room was engulfed in smoke.
One of the children is admitted to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital.
Eldoret West Police boss Zachariah Bittok said that they have launched investigation into the incident.
Her body was taken to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem.

Watu wa boda hawakosangi mahali

this is probably an older model fridge,kina national,the freon pipes contract when the coils gets too hot.The palstic backings burn up hence the smoke and then explosion.Newer models have a heat sink backing to prevent such

I wish fast aid & accident survival lessons were taught in school …primary to university …If you were to choke on food , people would be busy rushing you to hospital na una suffocate …with 2 minutes to die !

Its that poisonous gas in cooling systems.

Refrigerators have a precise lifetime, after which you disposal them, na sio pale jua kali.

hawa ndo first witnesses

The way we lock ourselves in houses because of fear of thieves is too dangerous.
Kisha all our houses lack ventilation.

lakini mbona macho imeendea msee wa boda ama u have a fetish for helmets :frowning:

kuna video mbili nilicheki ngori site,keja inaburn na the only 'safest place ilikua kwa grille ya balcony,tudame tuliburn kama wangoja,hakuna kuhepa

Wewe pia ni E+ material , rectify your lusungu nguruba but i concur with you let’s learn first aid tips especially from st John’s 12 th edition.


ile wa wachinku

man,ulicheki? nilisoma kwa comments eti kuna aftermath,sijaiona tho

Niliona hiyo stuff ni ironic the bars meant to keep people out kept her in