Woman Arrested After Baby Bump Discovered to Be a Watermelon Full of Cocaine

A Brazilian woman got creative when trying to move weight through the country.
Per the New York Post, a São Paulo woman boarded a bus headed to Rio De Janeiro. Initially it was assumed she was pregnant, but she was subjected to a search after authorities received a tip about a narcotics case. The lady’s “baby bump” was actually a hollowed-out watermelon holding four bricks of cocaine paste.

After the search, the woman confessed to obtaining the cocaine in Paraguay. The bricks totaled around 4.5 pounds and she claimed to have been smuggling them to Rio in exchange for around $100 USD. She has since been arrested for her hand in the trafficking operation and is currently in jail in Guara on undisclosed charges. São Paulo military police appeared to give her out-of-the-box strategy props, describing the scheme as “creativity without limit” on its official Facebook page.
While it’s unusual to pretend that you’re pregnant, mules have been creating elaborate ways to get cocaine across borders for ages. In 2018, police in Portugal and Spain seized 1,642 pounds of cocaine that was hidden inside fresh pineapples coming into the area from South America.