Woii!! Nisaidieni mimi kama beta male kabla mwaka iishe!!

Sijui vle nmefika hapa, but long story short I have impregnated a waitress n she is now 4 months due. After deliberations nmeona there is no way I can sustain this kind of arrangement. MGTOW ndo itaweza nisaidia 2020.The biggest thing bothering me is how she went silent after telling me abt the pregnancy n I knw she is waiting to deliver before ujinga ianze n mimi I become a serial hekaya story teller in this streets.
It’s clear hapo anajaribu kuninyaka as she approaches the wall, n tht seems unacceptable to me. RAW DEAL!!
Advise me please wahenga, I need to sort this issue, heri Christmas na New Yr yangu iharibike bt nisort hii ngori before nililie Choo for Life starting April next year. What shld I do?

disappear from that town ujipange , maybe mtoi si wako



First thing anza kusave chapaa
Second mtoi akikuja DNA lazima
Third start looking for options za nani atakaa na mtoi kama mama take hataki
Fourth kama unataka,kaa na Huyo dame for a while ama calculate how much and pay upkeep

:D:D:D:D:D…Mgtow alpha males , AlWAYS control reproduction.

She went silent… it means the child isn’t even yours. Most waitresses are always public properties…

I will laugh :smiley: at that joke. Hapa utatoka more confused than you came in.

Careful what you wish for, these guys are nomadic mtush… I mean mcoosh sellers.

A free sober advice > grow up.

Look for a rogue church… Make a deal with the pastor that you will draft a standing order on 80% of your salary to the church through the bank… Later on you go to that pastor and collect your money… So that the laws don’t fuck you up in terms of upkeep … Otherwise be sure to be gaped by feminist nonsense affiliates.

Going by the last statement he doesn’t want the child.

  1. Abortion is risky at this point…it’s out of question.

  2. You can do a one-off payoff and walk away for good- you might be lucky if the waitress is dumb enough to take peanuts.Ofcourse after you do this you will have to do what @uwesmake suggested and disappear from the town + Erase your social media footsteps, change your number , swear your friends to secrecy and I hope that you hadn’t informed her where your folks live .

  3. How good are your axe wielding skills ?

Even the word A.B.O.R.T.I.O.N is censored ? :oops:


Tunaimba injili… Mnajiona mko woke sisi ni wapuzi but in the end yall are brought down to earth from your towers!.. Tricky msee but next step itakua after dna

Actually it means she is not sure but there’s a possibility HE might be the lucky jackpot winner.
He is freaking out because there’s a probability he was the only one ( at that given month) who played the most matches ( assuming there were other players)
Bet yake imeiva mbaya sana.

@admin bana. Wacha kujaza Server na :meffi:.
Never heard of this @daudi mwenyewe character in this streets and he is an elder

Be frank and tell her DNA is a must once the baby is born. She will dare accept a DNA if the pregnancy is not yours

Waitresses date an average of 5 dudes sasa venye alipata ball akatafuta the weakest male (but with more resources) wa kuwekelea…and that’s you. Kitu ungefaa kufanya when she told you ni kuwa mkali na umwambie venye yeye ni malaya (deny deny deny) the response after that would have shown you who the real dad is. Sai itabidi ungoje azae then utafte pesa ya DNA ama just pluck a little hair strand from the kid na upelekee msee wako kwa lab za gava afanye analysis.

@imei2012 alikua castrated bila kusumbua. Kindly follow the suit

Na akikubali ?
Ehe… And what happens if it turns out he is the dad this coming April ?

How on earth have u been having slice with a waiter without condom, I know she is still human but u can’t say love is blind coz it wasn’t from the beginning. Now my piece of advice, go to an employment bureau and seek for a job in Dubai, Qatar, Saudi or any place with an opening. then engage her that since she risks losing her job, convince her she goes for work in those countries. If she agrees from today to the date of travel she will have revealed to you what she wants.