woi woi woi!! chelsea mko chini 2 sana

unless you’re a nob in soccer, you have to back me up that its man u who won the clash against chelsea at stamford bridge. chelsea walishinda tu kwa mabao. hata sio mabao; kibao 2 moja kibao.
-check this out; man u had no defenders, no holding mid completely; the likes of carrick, daley blind and jones were out.
-I expected chelsea itunyeshee na atleast 3 goals. Just 1 goal? da faq? chelsea chukueni league this season then next season muwachie wanaume wacheze!! muko down sana!! phahaha!! NONSENSE

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he he , you wish


ION…Why is the gracious lady @Ladyette suddenly a guest?

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wako down na over 100 goals

gashwin 4 sure this season is for the #blue_army; enjoy it while it lasts; next season ina wenyewe!!!

#hakimoto__ this is the best form that chelsea can ever be; ongea hivo next season; si ni miezi nne tu na tunaanza season tena!!!

Wtf is a blue army …'?

shida yako hiyo

@Hash_Tag next season the Blues are going for a treble…

Haha treble my foot a team parking the bus at home …against a team racked with injuries… but you can dream about it ‘‘nxt season’’

a good team is as good as its defence…that is why Chelsea has conceded second least goals and are on top of the table, will win the league with games to spare
What works for chealsea is teamwork…defend together, score together.

But let me say I admire you guys’ high sense of optimism…that Chelsea will lose some so that you get a chance…


Treble not easy coz Barca, Real, Juve and Bayern are too strong for any English team. And other EPL teams will also invest heavily in their squads. I expect Man Utd, Arsenal and Man City to raise the stakes next season going by the players they intend to sign.

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and chelsea will be asleep?


It’s an army of smurfs drinking zappa.

“Wayne Rooney and the recalled Radamel Falcao came closest for United but once again they fell victim to the resilience and defensive strength that is Chelsea’s trademark under Mourinho, assisted by the brilliance of Hazard, and ended frustrated.” - BBC Sports/football (emphasis mine)

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No it won’t. Lakini claiming that they will bulldoze other teams and win UCL, EPL and FA is wishful thinking at best. To put it mildly, chasing three trophies takes its toll on players and replicating the same form in two consecutive seasons is very difficult.

True my brother…realistically very difficult, but isn’t it every fan’s dream that his team will be into something he can brag about?


Nxt season won’t be that easy for chelsea …city will change their coach ,utd will be back stronger, & arsenal might challenge them too…

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Chelsea are done. That’s why they have resulted to defending and opportunistic counter attacking kind of games. They were really dominated by United. Next season will really be difficult for them.

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Why is “everyone” seeing this as a uniquely major/fatal Chelsea weakness/problem and not one for other teams such as ManU that will “rejuvenate”. Nearly all the teams are in a burnout mode:
@Hash_Tag started this posting by lamenting how ManU’s defenders, mid are out with injury, we know defending champs City are on a downward spiral, Arsenal needed extra time to overcome an unranked side, former highflyers Saints and Liverpool cannot hold their own any more. The heading of this post depicts Chelsea as “down” but who seriously didn’t notice that their two first choice strikers, and their workhorse willian, are out with injury. Let’s be objective…

The defensive display shown by Chelsea just shows Muorinho has perfected his art of parking bus!! And like the champions league game ya Juventus and the confession of the coach after the game defensive displays hua for the points/win and Chelsea achieved that… So kudos to the Portuguese for a good win

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