woi, si babu aki ako na shida mingi

raila promised kalonzo his support come 2022, Kalonzo must launch his bid for the re-election soonest possible, meanwhile, Raila says, no reforms no erection. halafuanawithdraw before , how will kalonzo be the president without an election.

uki compare shida zako na za babu za nani ni mingi? tuonge tu ukweli

Sometimes I wonder how Kalonzo fell that much to end up as he did we Raila. Now even his staunchest supporters can see there is no hope!

Just by mistake, I heard him say he didn’t want nusu mkate 2008, ati Ruto wanted it !

He supplies Gas throughout Africa, wewe endelea kuHate on him

Thats a big lie! He has never before denied he wanted nusu mkate.

I don’t hate him. Just realistic.

i dont owe any jig 50b neither do i display paybills for help…next!!

Jakuon ameweka nchi ikiwa standstill akiwa one man, if angekuwa na running mate strong I bet kangekua kamenuka.

Achana nuh baba
Izo old politics zko out dated.
Uyo jamaa afuate kina Moi.

Supplies gas throughout, Africa. Babu ni hatari. Mpaka, those countries that produce gas ? Nime mu-title.

You sure what you are saying?

So how do that gas help kenya,?

Mods wamesema nikunie nikalale.acha niombe khupipi 100 ksh nipate fare ya kwenda demonstrations kesho.

Am just mesmerized by what @AMB_Sunday wrote. Kweli hii Dunia, ina vituko.

If you sniff it Osungu.dll will load.

What do you expect when you belittle another man’s god??
Religion is the most malevolent of all human brain viruses.

Does he supply gas or manufacture gas cylinders?


I wonder, didn’t even wanna ask.