Without Raila Odinga, Moses Kuria would have been a school dropout

Moses Kuria comes across as a man who holds members of the Luo community and CORD leader Raila Odinga in withering contempt, even hatred.

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He has been cited in the past by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission for a post on his Facebook page that was deemed demeaning to the Luo. In fact, he has had troubles with the police stem from utterances touching on ‘Odinga’s assassination’.

But unknown to many of his supporters, it is Odinga who interceded and helped Kuria to be readmitted to the University of Nairobi after he was suspended together with other students leaders.

A source close to Kuria intimates that when the MP and his colleagues were ejected by the university senate, it is Raila who gave Kuria some money and instructed the late Otieno Kajwang’ to represent the student leaders in court.

“I can confirm that Raila gave Kuria Sh400 and also paid Kajwang to represent the students in court. I can also confirm that on Saturday January 20, 1995, Kuria attended Jaramogi Oginga Odinga’s first anniversary and slept in Raila’s Opoda Farm home in Bondo,” the source who did not wish to speak on record revealed.

Another source, who refused to be identified due to the sensitivity of this story, confirmed that it is true that lawyer Otieno Kajwang’ represented Kuria in court for close to a year, until Justice Mwera threw out the case and ordered the university to readmit Kuria and his colleagues.

“Raila gave them Otieno Kajwang until the court ordered the university to re-admit Kuria and other student leaders back,” he said.

When contacted, Raila refused to comment on any issue touching on Moses Kuria.

“I don’t want to speak about these things. I don’t know want to speak about Moses Kuria,” said the CORD leader through one of his spokespersons.


Raila paid Otieno, :D:D:D:D tell me more.

Fake bwana @spear can confirm this

Uhuru kenyatta as CIC gave a millitary plane to ferry Railas Son fidel body to kisumu, without Uhuru there would be no raila

Aliwapa KSh 400 wagawane watu 15.

Before Abraham became a fisi and dryfried the mboch… RWNEBP

Naskia 1995 50 bob ilikua pesa mob sana

And that, Ladies and gentlemen, is a very sensitive story.

On a scale of 1 - 10…:D:D:D

Historian @Ice_Cube leta ile ingine ya Ida Odinga paid school fees for justice Njoki Ndung’u…

That is all good and noble but it is important to note that as Kenyans, we do not owe him the presidency just coz he was “philanthropic”.

Babuon isn’t reknown for being philanthropic. The man is a mean and stingy ferker who firmly believes other people must fund his lavish lifestyle but never the other way around.

where is your brains omwami?

Sufficiently philanthropic…


Don’t you just hope you never have to cross swords with JaKuon? He’ll suddeny claim to be the angel that made you the man you are…

Sasa unatakaje

Raila, Mgumu Kama Mawe… Hatoagi kakitu

Na wao walisaidiwa na nani…?

Jirongo tayari alikuwa ashatoa 500/= notes za campaign, 5o/= was just pocket change.