Witchcraft is real.

I can’t believe I woke up at 3am thrice to vote for this wamunyota:

Hio jambass Ilikua inaadamana na uhunye aliitupa after kupata mamlaka, ghassia zenye utupa mabeshte loyal after kubahatika huwa siwatabui

Huyo Gatheca ni jambazi sugu

I don’t know why you are fretting. Cendro has gifted him to Nasarites. Wacha wamchukue after years of calling him an inept drunkard.

We have divorced him. Wacha wachukue leftovers

What is the menu of that mixed grill you’ve posted in another thread,the soup looks yummy kwanza ikiwa na hako ka firifiri

Matumbo, liver and lamb knees. Stewed and then cooked in the oven for thirty minutes.



Hahaaa…why hate somebody who his term limit is on end! By the way, when did you realise ‘he is not competent’

He instantly became incompetent in their eyes when he got close to ule jama wa vitendawili. I’m sure they’d still be wanking him off if he was tight with WSR

“Ni maombi sio uchawi”
“God chosen leaders”
“Tumeshinda mrogi” :D:D:D