witchcraft is 'real' tell you

samehe mimi kama hii iko posted mahali

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Who would have guessed



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:eek::eek:…Kenyans will do anything for money.

kutafuta pesa ni ngumu

You’re slow bwana jama walipelekwa kotini ilikuwa ni ukora kutoka Uganda.

waaaah shocking that it’s was stage managed

Let me repeat again, Believing in witchcraft is the height of intellectual laziness.
How many pages did u guys put up discussing that Sh!t ?


Am one of the few who read that shit and never bothered to comment since it was obvious to me it was some kind of bullshit.

They could have gotten away with it if they planned well and quit the act early but greed had it’s way.

thank god for my 14 inch tv.the news was a day before,cant afford e-paper or early edishen.but good to know you were ahead of us thank you for the 411

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