Wish The US Bursts Into A Bloody CIVIL War Like The Ones it Sponsors Overseas

Chickens have come home to roost. The US is always poking its bloody nose into other countries’ business, From Hong Kong to Libya. I hope Covid19 and Eelction violence revenges them to extinction.

Keep on wishing .

Be careful what you wish for. There are worse things than the US of A.

Civil war? Hahaha acha ndoto

have you thought of the people who will die? or they mean nothing to you.

somali of A

Not Trump. He never invaded anyone, he was actually hands-off about other countries, choosing instead to focus on America First. A true patriot! He pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord and other globalist organizations which want to establish the tyrannical Great Reset upon the world using covid as the perfect decoy for their nefarious goals. Trump was goaded by the military industrial complex to attack NK, Russia and Iran but he never did it. So kindly do not tarnish this great man but history will vindicate him someday. If the election was legitimate then the courts should have at least listened to the evidence, instead they threw out all his cases. Even the Supreme Court betrayed him. It’s so unfortunate but i guess that’s life. Life is full of injustice. It’s okay. Scriptures are being fulfilled which is the perfect will of God.

It’s not the 1st time it has happened, the south shall rise

Keep lying to yourself. Firstly his cabinet is full of former CEO’s of top military defense contracters like BAE, Lockheed, Raytheon et al (people who fuel Americas forever war).
Trump used drone strikes even more than Obama, he even dropped a nuke in Afghanistan MOAB(mother of all bombs) . Gave Saudis all the weapons they want to carpet bomb Yemenis . He might have reduced army numbers in Iraq and Afghanistan but replaced them with hired mercenaries . That’s just a few .
Trump aside ;that evil wicked bloodthirsty empire called America needs to be stopped . He did nothing ,it actually expanded !

MOAB was a nuclear bomb? lol. Did Trump listen to Bolton and the rest of them war hawks? Trump is the first US President in decades to facilitate unprecedented peace in the Middle East through nothing else but peace talks & deals. I remember when Obama left office that entire region was in chaos. Trump fixed all that. Regarding the drone strikes, how else should US offer other countries support against Islamic militants? Kama sio America where would Kenya be with the alshabab terrorists? Very thankless people. I think next time, america should sit back and watch the caliphate work their carnage. And please don’t dare come to me with conspiracy theories about how the cia created Isis.

Mumepeleka kilio cha kimeibiwo majuu.

The South that has a rising black population?

How are you Mr. Wisher, continue wishing, mijinga

You are worshipping the US, my friend, calm down.