Wisdom Tooth (Keep or Remove)

I have had a good share of pain from this eruption, still hoping that in a few months, it will be fully out. Removal in the 30s can be very risky. What can go wrong in this journey? Or what have you heard about the impacted wisdom teeth?

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If it hasn’t fully erupted by 21 it will never erupt. Have it removed asap otherwise food will stick there and both it and the tooth next to it will get tooth decay

Mine erupted when I was around 27, pain kama kawaida, wasn’t that much to warrant clinic visit, so I let it grow. If it is too painful for you, unaweza ng’oa. But if you can handle it, let it grow.

You remove a wisdom tooth you become foolish automatically

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My upper wisdom were pretty bad, they had decayed and pulp was exposed. The pain and infections that come with exposed pulp is unbelievable, sleepless nights, drinking any fluids becomes painful. Because they had decayed they were harder to remove. But had them removed 2 years ago and what a relief. In my 30s so I opted for local anesthesia.

My bottom ones are also impacted, but not decayed and I have a good dental routine and that keeps them good. So no reason to remove them.

I would say have a good dental routine, and watch for decays. If there is any sort of decay, only pain onwards and you are better off removing them