Winning war on terrorism

Today’s attack was really bad and my prayers goes to the affected families. I think it time we get our soldiers back from somali, this is a cursed country that can’t be helped. Even americans pulled out their men when they suffered many casualties, who are we not to. This can be done in a good way by having another african nation that is not boundering somalia to take over. Those soldiers can be used to guard our porous bounder.

Alshabab will always find new recruits if they have funds to pay them. the only way to end terrorism in the world, is by stopping the Saudi funders. Sadly this can only be achieved by the international community as a whole. We can stop trade and travel to this despicable nation till it wipes out terrorists within.


Say word son

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terrorism ni ngumu sana iishe…
its beeen there since long ago

look at it this way; i am in my house plotting the most cruel evil against some innocent people who bid each other good night before retiring. unless i make a mistake in planning my evil even the best intelligence in the world will remain clueless until i strike. my take; kdf needs to rehat into our national colours (ditch amisom) so that the have free reign to plan and execute what it takes to annihilate the enemy

I agree with you. A person willing to die can go into his house and plan and nobody will never guess. All they need to do is walk about campus like other students identifying places to strike and thats it. A suicide attacker doesnt have to plan much be cause all he needs to do is to go guns blazing until he stops a bullet. As for the arms, he had them all along or bought them cheap, after all, how hard is it to get an ak47 and amunition in kenya(especially garissa).

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@gashwin shida ni funds… It will cost us a lot… Hata us are still struggling after spending a lot on war on terror in IRAQ. Madeni kwa madeni. Remember Kenya demanding for compensation from un?

there was a listing i think 2 days ago that very soon, according to intelligence sources the terror group were planning a major attack in the country. Why does GOK always fail in picking up on such leads??? there’s just no more excuse for this failures.

Confidant informants rather than bullshít milly bounties,da fuck.easy as pie.

Hizo intelligence reports ziukua just a means of terrorism jama wangesema eti uni huko garissa then ok…lakini kusema tu in general hawasaidii

hii kdf inafaa itoke somalia warudi nyumbani wa guard hizo borders

that would be the worst strategy. assuming these fellows train in som i don’t see how we can guard border from lunga lunga to lake turkana. the best way is to go into somalia and kill the snakes in their nests together with their eggs

What makes you think that those maafakaz came from Somalia? Those are the same baggaz who used to live and work in Eastleigh; and probably holders of kenyan IDs(that politicians keep on demanding for them in the name of political mileage). So their coming doesn’t help in alleviating their presence in kenya. And furthermore its the same attacks that forced the KDF into Somalia. And what guarantee do we have that if KDF retreats they will stop attacking us; won’t that make them feel like they have defeated ‘kafirs’? I say KDF and US should continue bombing their leaders in Somalia.

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‘Planning a major attack in the country’. Kenya -582,650 km² .

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The best solution would be pulling out of Somalia why are we fighting a war that’s not ours.

i do not think you seriously believe that. was it our war when they started coming into kenya to throw gurunetis at churches, nail bombs in sunday schools?

I thought our community was informed and knowledgeable on the Somalia issue but with what I have read this are just rhetorics of the political class being repeated hia. In war you are always in the offensive if you wnt to win you defend if you dnt have the capability to win.

By KDF withdrawing from Somalia is a huge boost to alshabab activities and propaganda machine. Jihadish will flock there and it will be the next Afghanistan coz it will be their safe haven.

Kenyans have been divided by the political class by the clamour of freedom of I dnt knw what lead by omar hassan. Ethiopia is semi dictatorial and they have defeated alshabab and Somalia extremism being one. The government daent say this then other pple pop and start saying the contrary. We fight as one and guard our nation as one but not as divided as we are now. Whish Moi and Kenyatta were still there for out security sake.

I support fully. It all started when a white sugar mummy was abducted

Kwani Ethiopia hutumia strategies gani…why cant we just copy them…

The government daent say this then other pple pop and start saying the contrary.

Si usome kile watu wamereply boss.

Public opinion and politics simply doesnt solve it…hata tukikubali what the gov says will that magically stop terrorism…there must be a secret strategy although i admit unity on our part is important.