Wines & Spirits business starter-pack

So far, i’ve found ktalkers to be quite resourceful beings. But I must admit, i’m surprised to find less of such questions posted here.

On that note, me thinks of opening a Wines & Spirits somewhere. My greatest worry so far is where to get the distributors or how to go about that. My recent ‘field study’ has shown that most Kenyans are afraid of/hate competition and say “Distributor wangu hataki number ipeanwe” or “Bei yangu na ya distro (not the other distro ) iko sawa”. A few are actually really welcoming.

So i ask: Do i have to get all the products from a distro? Can’t i get at least some directly to the manufacturers/importers? Kuna mtu aliniambia KWAL require a depo of 3m (or was it 30) . Can you share contacts of some of the distros here, or how can i reach them?

Actually, lets make this a broad wines & spirits business thread. Share what you know:
[li]Avg monthly returns (economy is tight so lets focus on worst case)[/li][li]Avg markup per product[/li][li]You can throw in some potential challenges[/li][li]Current starting fee i.e. licences and certifications required. This post has been helpful though its probably outdated[/li][li]Anything else you feel might be helpful[/li][/ul]

Uzia vijana maziwa. Wacha kuwauzia mihadarati itawafanya wakuwe kama David Major or even worse Ginimbi may he RIP.

What has recent history taught us from examples of the top alcohol sellers?

Kiereini kids dead. Karume wealth gone. Keroche daughter murdered by bingwa scrotum the arab. Joseph Kennedy the bootlegger billionaire, two sons shot in the head one daughter lobotomized.

Be sure there are no secrets in any business. Start and learn on the job. No whole seller will take advantage of a potential client. Probably only refuse to offer credit terms untill you are well established.

Pesa ya kanjo na makarao must be factored into the equation kama unataka kuuza fobe kwa amani

Huyu Ginimbi enyewe umemlilia sana, kwani alikuwa bwana yako? ama alikuwacha na mimba yake?.. Pokea rambi rambi and may he RIP, I hope ulipeleka watoto wafanyiwe DNA angalau utoke na kakitu…

lokeshen?.. ama county?.. lokeshen ni dynamic muhimu sana…

get all necesssary things and refuse to pay anything. Waambie muende mbele. Days of intimidation zimeanza kuisha

limuru town kuna godown… I see all pubs from my place gettting from there

Do you own a wines and spirits? If so where do you operate from?

nairobi cbd

I have a hard time believing that but okay.

nilienda na my business books kwa police and showed them my maths. Then I asked them what requirement I did not have. Then nikawaliza why they had arrested me since sikutoa kitu hio day. I saw their boss pass by na I called him and asked hime the same questions. I eve told him wanaitishanga 10k everyday. I have never seen anyone there again but I was also threatened by the same police nikajua lazima nijikaze nikawashow wanajua kwenye watanipata na siogopi

Tulisema biashara woria na waindi hawafanyi. Wachana nayo. Hapa ni kuongeza vitambi za polisi Tu. Hakuna profit.

That right?

Well put Ole.

Nairobi. Somewhere with a higher population of Sudis & Somalis.

Safi kabisa. Leta jina ama pin ya godown, assuming products are legit .

I get you. But tukiendelea hivyo si we’ll all end up doing the same things.

hehehe… how do you plan to make that work in such an environment, mbloh?.. hehehe… That population does not openly buy… ama utaficha kibandaski in a dingy backdoor lokeshen?..

Halafu do you have the expertise and temerity to deal with the PTSD prone and warlike Sudis?,…

limuru town. ulizia kwa watu. kila mtu anapajua