Wines and spirits long term effects on health

Lady and gentlemen, I only respect on woman here, I have a strong appetite for wines and vileo, I wake up take a glass or two before going to hustle, when happy when bored every minute, I fear I am an addict.
Are there very bad effects like scary ones ?village DDO’s share some of things you pass thru in your life. Finances I am okay I can Panga my life with impunity as I av, no one knows coz I don’t misbehave or drink those smelly Keroche shit.
To the lgbt community here chukueni hio iko hapo chini [ATTACH=full]332817[/ATTACH]

Fine well blended whiskey or grape wine is what you should drink if you are a partaker of wines and spirits. Avoid the cheap spirits and second generation drinks. Make sure you feed on meat or eggs before taking a drink.


Pombe unafaa ukunywe with reklessness in two phases of your life…Ukiwa college na watoi wako wakifika 18yrs…Hapo katikati utajifuck up hadi ushangae

Sema tu wakimaliza shule. 18 years they are still in school. In between ni kuonja tu kidogo. But don’t totally deny yourself coz life has no rehearsal

I lost a friend 3 years ago due to 20+ years of excessive drinking.

He was what you call a “functional drinker.” He’d take copious amounts daily but still function quite impressively in his day to day. In fact, you’d need to spend some close time with him ndio ujue how much he actually drinks.

Inevitably, the excessive drinking over the years started taking a toll on his body, in his late 30s. It started with his liver. It was completely fried. Doc at this point highlights the obvious. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the right support and resources around him to firmly stop. Other alcohol-related health complications quickly crept up and actually killed him in his 30s!

I believe these are the kind of insights you were seeking when you posted here. Seek help before it’s too late!

Pole Buda