wine and spirits

Hey guys I want to venture into wine and spirit business though on a small scale which certificates am I supposed to have and how hard/easy is it to get them?

Consult @Theuri wa kigogoine

@Theuri wa kigogoine

Liqour licence(county commisioner), trading licence(county) na medical Certificate ( enda tu na stool sample)

thanks hii ya liquor Marwa atakubali @ Theuri anything else to add

:D:D:D:D:D ukipata details weka hapa:rolleyes:

leta 2k upate business plan

To make it in that biz, sourcing is important, tafuta watu watakuuzia vitu genuine lakini za shimo, that is guys that will supply you alcohol at prices way below the market price. The best profit margins are made from 5L wines and Jameson.