Windows naleta shida

Hey guys, a few days ago I bought this laptop at a throw away price from a friend. It was running on Windows 7 so I decided to upgrade it to windows 10 which wasnt any successful. So I decided to do a clean installation of windows 10. I downloaded the latest Windows 10 version 20H2 from the Microsoft Website. Apparently after upgrading it brings this blue screen of death all the time. It cant go past this point. Unbeknown to me, this was a 32-bit 5th gen laptop and apparently that occurs to 32bit users only (Not 32bit users only but a number of them). What should I do since I cant go back to Windows 7 (Windows 7 and 8 support ended this year January).



I have tried looking for a solution on YouTube but it doent work. I cant even boot to safe mode.


Have you tried re-installing the BIOS?

Could the issue be the window-image you are using (The fact that you downloaded from MS website != error/corrupt free). Also, what’s the laptop specs? all of them.

Badilisha hard disk na processor

hard disk ni mpya bro.

i3 5th gen
4gb ram 500gb rom
14 inch
32bit x86 processor


si ufanye venye umeambiwa… install 32 bit version ama download fresh copy

The problem you have starts at downloading an original version from Microsoft.

What should I do?

Its a 32bit version of windows…Huelewi kenye nimesema ama nini

install ubuntu wachana na windows

Get a torrent, go through comments to see if it has issues or its good. Most torrent images come with issues already fixed. Make sure it covers the 32/64 versions in one image. From there, things will be smooth.

Sawa lemmi try that one

Update the BIOS, try a different drive (run a USB stick), repair broken drivers.

I’m not saying this will fix your problem but try installing the 64bit version of Windows. It’s almost 2021. Let 32 bit die.

Microsoft itself is ditching 32 bit. You will get better support in terms of drivers if you have a 64 bit Windows installed.

I dont know if I am stupid or what but the last time I checked there is no way a 64bit program will work on a 32bit laptop.

No available update for the model

Core i3 is a 64bit processor. You mention you have that processor.

In this case install 64bit version of Windows since Core i series supports both 32bit and 64bit applications.
Also, a 32bit OS will not be able to utilize RAM above 4gb so in case you wish to upgrade your RAM for better performance on Windows 10 then you will need to have installed a 64bit OS