Windows 10 Will Be Free

Free as in free.

It depends on a few things though.
Let’s see what works…
[li]You installed the Windows Technical Preview[/li][li]You are a Windows Insider, and you should have registered your computer with the insider app when you installed the Windows 10 Technical Preview[/li][li]Your Technical Previes build is the correct one (I don’t know yet which this ‘correct’ build is, but I know some have expiration dates, as attached. I use build 10061. Hizo zingine sijazipata.[/li][/ul]
So, that’s about it. More details unaweza pata hapa -

And now, about privacy.

Manze, almost my whole life is now on Microsoft servers. I have a Windows phone, a Windows laptop, a Windows desktop… My schoolwork is on OneDrive, all my photos, my documents za tangu 2010, my contacts, my passwords, my internet history… And now, I might get locked into their ecosystem. Is it a risk I’m willing to take? No. But, MS Office is what I grew up with, MSDos games are what I used to play (Dangerous Dave, anyone?), and I was never introduced to any other OS’s.

Do I have any options? Linux? Only for security tests. Mac? I’m not that much of a graphical designer. Android? Heavens no! Ata afadhali unipe ile phone ya Ubuntu.

I guess I’ll just stick to MS, treading carefully.

Now that you’ve gotten that (hopefully, good) news, nenda ukawatch tv.

[li]Windows 10 will be free for Insiders.[/li][li]Angalia attachments upate dates.[/li][li]We’re building holes for ourselves with this “in-the-cloud” ecosystem, but ni kama hakuna wasiwasi.[/li][li]I don’t like other OS’s that much. Least of all Android.[/li][/ol]

uko nyuma boss… had already reserved my copy [ATTACH=full]7768[/ATTACH]

Am now waiting to purchase a windows tablet at a mwananchi price. Otherwise hata Mimi Ni member. Slow ring is almost out for windows phone

space yangu ya one drive… [ATTACH=full]7772[/ATTACH]

My advice - ile duka ya kimathi street (Bright Technologies, I think?) iko expensive kama chizi. Wacha wapunguze prices kwanza.

Surface Pro, Lenovo ama?

For the Surface. Walikuwa wanauza Surface 2 (ata si Pro 3) at 130K.

Mbona? Unadaisha Lenovo?

Tuko windowed mbaya

That’s expensive na si eti ni full pc. That Windows RT ilikuwa haifurahishi. But now Windows 10 on tablets inakaa haitadisappoint.

Looks improved. I used Windows phone 7.5 (mango) huko 2011-2012. Ilikuwa boring mpaka nikarudi kwa Android.

It is.
Today, I reinstalled the Technical Preview on my phone. Iko tu sawa.
Continuum is something that I think school heads should look into. It might really change the way our computer labs look, and what we spend on them.

windows mobile haitafikia hii os[ATTACH=full]7824[/ATTACH]

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People use phones for different things.
If you’re looking for a phone for business, for people who move economies, I’d advice you to get a Windows Phone.

so what does windows have that android lacks biz wise? Microsft itself always releases new features to the android apps way before to the windows app na unajikaza nayo hapa

OK… I think you have issues.

sorry. let me rephrase in a polite way. why is windows phone a better phone for business as compared to android?

Been seeing how you talk to people since klist days. Mara ni kufloss na specs za comp, mara ni kufloss na sijui nini… Like, for example, did I ask to see your storage space capacity? Who even flosses with storage space capacity?

Ongeanga na watu vizuri. There are bigger people than you and I in this world, and humility is a forte.

And no, I won’t explain it.

You have a serious case of epeen, na unahitaji maombi ya @aviator

sorry about that. nimekuachia post zako. will reform n quit flossing. have a good night

Android is by far a better OS if you get the right device. I have windows/Kali linux for my lapi. we love windows coz that what was injected to us by the curriculum.