Windows 10 Creators Update

It’s now rolling out. Though it won’t be available at the same time everywhere, you can manually download it using Media Creation Tool from Microsoft’s website. Lots of great features that cater for PC gamers, creativity through Paint 3D and many other features. The build version is 1703. Nani ashaipata?

Ndio natumia

windows Mavi

How is it? Umedownload this week?

Yet it’s loved. But tastes vary. I’m using Ubuntu, dual booting though.

Anything beyond Windows 7 is useless, bad UX in Windows 8 - 10

Iko poa niliidownload Thursday last week

I got it on Saturday but yet to install

[ATTACH=full]93656[/ATTACH] For those upgrading from windows insider preview or even the regular Windows without doing a clean install, you may experience crashes during install, which thankfully rolls back to your previous install. it happened to me and I had to unplug all USB peripherals for the upgrade to be successful.

Hapa ndio mimi hufungua download folder, click setup then go out n play