Wind Turbine

I was looking around and I didn’t find a local company dealing with wind energy for homes. Even something juacali.
I live in a very windy place and I need solutions. Does one need to build the components manually or there is a local market for them? What other items are needed besides the regular solar backup setup? Where can I get these items?


That’s a niche you should utilize. Ingia YouTube jifunze yako. Jenga zako Anza kuuza.


Call him usikie kama utasaidika he works for go solar system.
Njosh - +254725524518
Lakini if you have technical drawings pale kariobangi light industry watakujengea.

@Abba would know something about wind turbine’s although he has a very hairy vagina, full of rastas. The locals call it a dreadlocked pussy.

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Tafuta alternator ya gari and a battery , go and be modified for the blades.

Had a neighbor in Mtwapa with one. I used to like how kplc guys used Skip his place

Wah, nikajua alitumia nini naweza jua kule ntaanzia.

Wueh! Niliona alternator ndio itoe moto ya maana lazima iende kitu 2000rpm. Ni kama motor ya generator tu.

I also had a neighbour with a modified ceiling fan. He moved before I got the chance to consult him further.

Do you know him…?

Yes, kapumpum na white harrier

Yep, we used to work in the same building in South gate pale South b…

Leta pesa mzuri nikujengee ka project :D:D. In short I’m telling you, consumer hardware for windpower is not something you will find in your local shops, ata majuu. It is expensive to hire someone to do it for you because there are many variables to consider. But you can do it yourself (and collaborate with someone who has some background in electrical engineering for design optimization).

boss, ulisaidika na hii. if yes share experinece na cost na contacts tafadhali