Winara Password

ill have to say ujuzi yangu imefika the end [something funny coz i never run out of ideas]
hii imenishida kapisa anyone who can help i would very much appreciate it

Hehehe mbosi wewe uko fu>ked. Just give up


If it’s winRAR, too bad. Hizi ni ngumu sana. You can only obtain it from the fellow who did it.


farkin indian programers, why would someone post a file online and encryp it with a password anyway
narudi kwa hio blog kuwatukana

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Most will do that ndiyo wakulipishe.

kuna progammes online za kunlock passwords za winrar but takes upto 8hrs long.sikumbuki jina just google

Wewe utasaidika kweli?

I hate those passwords. You download a good zipped book only to be asked for the password.