Tangatanga brigade addressed the media after meeting TeePee William Ruto in Karen
There seems they strategized & advised the DP to skip the press conference.
Me thinks Ruto ameingia ligi ya BABA ya kuzungusha wafuasi wake tu bila a real direction.
Also from the press conference you’ll see the numbers they boast about hakuna.
Luwere 2022


Why are there no plans to kick Ruto out of that GOG DP house ?

MPs allied to Deputy President William Ruto have asked the United States, UK and other international partners to hold the government accountable with regards to the DP’s security.

The DP held a meeting with Members of Parliament allied to him at his official Karen residence who went on to issue a press briefing earlier in the afternoon.

Speaking at the press briefing on Monday, February 8, Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika claimed that the team had unearthed a hit squad targeting close allies of the deputy president, claims that are yet to be verified by the police.

She stated that they had also discovered identities of the alleged hit squad, and which they had forwarded to the relevant authorities.

Deputy President William Ruto speaking during a meeting with MPs at Karen on February 8, 2021

The Nakuru Senator raised concern that the government had been withdrawing security from events attended by Ruto, exposing the targetted politicians to harm.

The team urged Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai to take responsibility for the security of Kenyans who attend meetings and rally organised by the deputy president.

“We are aware that a special officially-sanctioned hit squad has been formed to perpetrate political violence as witnessed in Kenol, Murang’a County, and Msambweni in Kwale, and that it had been tasked to cause violence at DP functions held at the Coast this last weekend,” Senator Kihika claimed.

They also demanded that security officers seconded to cover such events to be uniformed and have badges for easy identification.

The statement also criticized the government over what the politicians termed as violating the rule of law.

Gatundu MP Moses Kuria, who read part of the statement noted that that the DP’s rivals were balkanizing the nation into tribal groupings.

“We reaffirm our commitment to focus our political and intellectual energy to this issue-based conversation and shall continue to reject the invitation by our competitors to a narrow, selfish and visionless agenda based on tribe, regions and ethnic political kingpins,” the MP stated.


The MPs also pledged to come up with policies to help improve the lives of small scale traders and farmers.

They explained that they would use their numbers in both the National Assembly and Senate to pass bills that affect small scale traders and farmers.

Lootall is guarded by Recce squad, the same guys who guard the president. Hawa vijana have sworn to protect him at their own peril. I hate it when people politicize issues like this. If he doesn’t have confidence on his close protection officers, aitishe wake.

The mangaas are just drama queens seeking attention…useless idiots.