William begins his greatest strategy, the religious spin of the prodigal son


mnaambiwa hamskii… wacha wampee tano ikuwe 30 years


Vote for Lootall at your own risk.

Lakini tuseme ukweli, we are the most selfish generation yet. Yaani hii kanairo imetufanya tujifkirie tu…I make 20k and after family the only thing on my mind is booze and women…singo mathaz wanaishi better lives than our cousins and siblings huko home courtesy of us.
Ukisaidia mtu lazima unapost kwa kila social media app. Public schools za home are in pathetic condition coz to us its the responsibility of gava. Hatujui our grandparents gave out their land for free, sold cows to build the very same schools that were the responsibility of the gava.
Yaani sahii ukiunda group ya kujenga police post unawekwa silent but ukisema bash ya esto utaona watu wakichangisha bila kuuliza.
Corruption shouldn’t be an excuse for us to abscond our social responsibilities.

Gover kent

Which generation? The generation you are targeting is full of unemployed broke people they cant afford to build a school