Will you rather use Laundromat, ama Mamafua ako sawa?

I’m researching on a new business venture and I’ve just realized commercial laundry systems are relatively affordable. I think a Laundromat is a pretty viable business, if you find a good location, and provide quality services. Now, would you rather use a Laundromat (have guys pick clothes from your home, clean, return) or do you prefer a mama fua, mwenye anakufulia hadi mjulus?

Itadepend na location. Eastlands laundromat can not work. Mama fua is 300 shillings. Naeza advice coast na west of nairobi. Then kuna nguo zenye machine ni blunder like cheap shoes that we all like.

Mama fua is cheaper and comes as a full package. Anakuoshea nguo pamoja na rungu at a good price

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:smiley: You had to go there…

You have the misconception that Laundromat has to be expensive, it can be cheaper than mamafua… plus the business owner can hire mtu wakuhandwash stuff that can’t be machinewashed…

Can laundromat chemsha njahi and do a proper pigsty cleaning?

As witnessed in Kericho we Africans oppose mechanised methods.

Do people really sleep with their mama fua?

If laundromat is faster and more convenient then yes because that’s the value you would be selling.

Will people have to pick clothes or will you deliver the way waste disposal works?, it could work if you do.


mama fua wont have the expenses you have. employess, transport, marketting rent, usiingia biz withwrong maths. The only cheap laundromat I know is huko USIU na ni 200per 5ksg, but they don;t do handwash material. And they dont have the convenience of coming to you

kplc watanukisha kitunguu mbaya

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Labour in Kenya is too cheap for most mechanization to compete. Plus mama fua will also clean the house. But it can work west of mombasa road and coast too where jungus are. Nyali, mtwapa, malindi, watamu etc ujue pia watu wako na washing machine still call mama fua

Really? Ama hauishi Kenya? Hio kufua ni front.


Nguo zirudi na lice and flees za mahasora hohe hahe. Its a no. Bure kabisa. Ngombe ici

Laundry machine is more efficient…but bado utakuwa kazi…shida ni…bado watu huanika nguo to dry…:smiley: kama ni plot ten wataramba…else ni kama una jua ya kukausha haraka

mama fua is cheaper trust me. ataosha handwash, atapika na atadust nyumba for 300. I also dont get where people get this stupid idea that laundrymats clean better. They don’t/ Kwanza if you like cheap shoes like me. Sole itatokana

Mama kufua na “kuvua”

Sasa unajifanya elitist na jiggers iliwatesa juzi juzi tu.

Even you?