From dicks being chopped off, full-grown men looking for sugar mummies, others living with their mothers into their 40s, to cry babies looking for solutions on the net, our society seems to be going through a crisis of a lack of real men.

Males brought up by mothers calling them “dadi” and on cerelac seem to lack the backbone to be men. Men who are heads of their families. Men who are providers. Men who are protectors. Men who are men - answerable to no one.

I am a real man. I may not be stinking rich. I may be a little old. BUT AM A MAN. I have pride and character. I have the right mix of testosterone - aggression, drive and ambition.

I HAVE COJONES (Shrivelled they may be). Nobody rides me roughshod. NO WOMAN DARES TANGLE WITH ME. You may beat me up, but I will land my own blow. I DON’T TAKE CHARITY. I FERK WHOEVER I WANT, AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, HIT THE HIGHWAY.

And God forbid if you decide to take away my money, my woman or my freedom. I AM A MAN. I WILL KILL YOU (or rather, I will PAY somebody to kill you), and if caught I will do the time, but you will be dead, so who’s the loser?


Are you?


Oh yes this x100000… I would advise some men who lack the “stones” to read this over and over before taking a good look of themselves at the bathroom mirror.



Hiyo ya dicks chopped off sijawai elewa. How does someone take a knife to ur bolingos bila ww kusikia. Hii pombe ya Nyeri ni noma. Btw, what charges do these women get when they end up in court.

Guka… kuna hybrid mpya ya FISiS roaming around… SUPER FISIS… thats their name… They munch on anything and everything…wanatafuna mpaka roasted potatoes , ngwaci, plastic paperbags… etc…xyz… Now … imagine a HYENA… eating NGWACI…

Pole pole guks, you will wake up another one here who told us of Herbivore men(whatever that means) for a good full week.

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Soooo that’s what a real man is. Interesting!

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I agree with guks for once.

Very on point, how does my woman wake up when I am dead asleep and chop off my testacle? Na huyo jama wa jana the wife is accusing him of defiling a minor? How on earth?

Women are also playing a very big part into turning men into cowards/pussies.They want to go drinking every wknd like their fellow guys just becoz Shes financially independent.They politely en secretely force their men to watch en follow up those stupid Mexican soap operas(Ati hawa ndio wanaume wanajua kutreat wanawake)
This independent women will assume the role of a man in the house in every chance she gets adi watoi washajua dadi hananga kakitu.en maybe the mans money is being used to pay a 20yr mortgage ama loan.
Then wanawake kua wengi kuliko dume so the modern independent woman can never tolerate the African chauvinist man so the less fortunate man will sieze an opportunity to be with a rich beautiful woman therefore loosing his value as a man…kukaliwa chapo

assault causing grievous bodily harm…i know you would expect them to be charged with murder, or at least attempted murder…

Guka has a valid point, my Dad always says a man has got to be smart,shrewd and calculating…in everything he’s engaged in;family, business, friendship etc, I think he’s 100% right.

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You can fuck whoever you want because you’re a man? The highest form of Androcentrism!! And snap so what should we do on that Friday night when you’re out with the boys? Don’t you think I should also be with the girls so that our schedules don’t crash? I’ll respect and submit to you if you deserve it, if not i’ma crush those balls!



Ati crush my balls? Si ujaribu. Am a serial womaniser, AND NO WOMAN DARES DO ANYTHING THAT STUPID. Otherwise nakuchinja na hao brats zako live live na naenda polisi.

Yesterday I read about a Buru guy who killed his cheating wife and then calmly walked to the police station there. Thats my idea of a real man. He prolly will get 5 years - but THE GOOD THING IS, THE BISH IS DEAD. KAPUT. KWISHA. SIX FEET UNDER.

Which is why I wonder, those Nyeri men, why dont they make bonfires of those makende-cutting sheboons? IDIOTS!


Conspiracy to assault and grievous body harm alert. …MNYERI ALERT Dudes ran!

I think I have said am a violent woman & no am not from Nyeri… I train hard to handle men like you who are so full of themselves so yeah! Nitajaribu! Bring 'em balls hapa!

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Real men?? They simply don’t exist.

How could they if your generation spent all your time chasing legal tender (rightly so), at the local drowning Tuskers and White Caps and the rest with tucungwas?

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