Will Mary Estate ~ Ruaraka

There was a time these houses were being sold for 5 million when the estate had about four houses, whoever got them then must be one happy camper.


Hun a bit tipsy to understand the maths behind this …usijali well comment later :wink:

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5m bado ni pesa nyingi, this housing business is too overrated.


wewe nunua hizo tuploti twa porini,you destiny is bleak,you must scramble for resources with animals

umesha anza chrome leo hehe ama leo ni brand gani

still it was a bargain considering the price of land there

wankernyama nitakuletea tampons kabla uende New Mexico


tampons patia @Purr_27

Not the best location for residential houses. Too much noise and pollution.

I think it was a very good deal for 5m not unless the land had"real" owners who can suffice any time

How much are they going for now?

[ATTACH=full]6865[/ATTACH] from this graph, the solid black line is the price of the houses, as at the end of 2011, they were being sold at 15 to 16 Million, the price must have hit 20 million now


i dont know why someone would want to live next to a superhighway,imagine all the noise at night,kuna natives,ile bar iko highway mall huko top floor yenye dj hucheza blues saa moja usiku,then you have homeland,blue springs na jambo grill all sorrounding it,not forgetting matatu za 44,45,thika juja,ruiru with their loud horns and music…
why spend 20 million for that crap

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surface, perhaps…


Now they are going for 25 M

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