Will Apple’s iPhone series ever come to a deadlock?

Already, the Apple guys are talking about iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus with a 12 megapixel camera. Expect them to sell millions of copies, especially in China where Apple is selling more iPhones than even in the US.

I am just wondering: isn’t this a classic example of the vanity that’s consumerism? I mean why upgrade every 2 years?

Will it get to a point where the iPhone cannot be improved anymore?

For starters, Apple posted some US$ 182.795 billion in revenues last year. Now, that’s some 17 trillion in our local currency.

Now, if you got 1 trillion Kenyan shillings in your account and you be blowing up 1 million shillings everyday, it would take you 2,700 years to blow it all. 17 trillion would take you 46,000 years, spending 1 million daily. That gives you an idea just how gigantic Apple is. Apple’s story is especially fantastic given that as recent as 1997, the Company was almost closing down before Job’s second return at the helm.

just contact them and ask them,mimi sijui

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Forget the deadlock thing. Lets discuss the money first.

How many units did they sell to realize the 17tn?

Last year, the moved about 140 million iPhone units.

17tn/ 140m=121k.

So, an iPhone unit costs 121k Kenya shillings?

Apple does not make their money exclusively from iPhones. Remember there is ipads, macbooks, imacs, their online digital retail store itunes n their soon to be music streaming service beats audio.


Kuna mtu alitaka kuleta siasa hapa.

These companies have to keep releasing new editions to keep ahead of counterfeiters and to keep the vanity crowd spending. I’d do exactly that if I ran Apple ©

Game inakuwanga hivi in appple’s view. If we are releasing iphone 6, we already have designed it with the view of making it obsolete in several months. That is that we have Iphone 6s designs and probably iphone7 blueprints. But we cannot manufacture iphone 6s or iphone 7 now until people show signs of getting used to or getting tired of the current design. When that point reaches, we release the iphone 6s or whatever new model we have. There are no additional changes because we will use the same old technology, but we will make the phone look different. We will also stop supporting the previous models so that they become “last year’s models”. Thats what keeps you buying. That approach + fundamentalist consumerism and you have people in a prison of buying stuff to reduce their depression and bring a little excitement.

This kind of consumerism is a drug that is happily offered by these corporations. Am sure there won’t be much improvement in the iPhone 6S to warrant an upgrade to it. Those used to such buying can get helpless because they want to look cool and more sophisticated than those who have a slightly older iPhone.

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Yeah. Its a drug. Like heroine, cocaine and the likes.