Wild animals at JKIA

We had a terrifying landing experience with KQ 411 from entebbe yesterday morning.
After touching the ground, the plane took off immediately and in mid air the pilot explained.
The explanation was that a wild animal was crossing the runway.
The second landing was smooth and successful.
Question is, was this explanation true,?how do wild animals access the runway? what risk and what risk did we avoid?are there such happenings in other parts of the world?

mbicha iko???

I believe all this is caused by us humans enroaching animals habitat…

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How do they cross the runway? Using animal feet and shoes.

Is it true? No, they were buying time in the air so that the reptiles can put their human masks back on. STAY WOKE!! ILLUMINATI IS REAL!!

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excatly,like going to buy kaploti in sijui nyangau,rangau or something like that,then a hyena makes a feast out of you then you relatives start demanding compesation from KWS,MUNATAKA WANYAMA WAENDE WAPI?


Ask sonko rescue team… Sonko managed to fly a flight simulator carrying top AU officials to South Africa to meet President Jacob Zuma… No mean feat.




The pulot must have been high on something illegal

okey. chenye unavuta sio halali


Zebras mostly.



Its true, happens more often than you think

strange though