i am using a hp 15 007 laptop and windows 8.1 installed in it. the problem is that it has a very weak wifi signal reception. even when i am next to the router it says no wireless network found and i get really frustrated by this. i have the latest wifi adapter drivers. can this be a result of the windows version i am using or is it my network adapter that has the problem. please help gurus

Is it possible that you have a crappy wireless router?

It’s unlikely a Windows problem. First check that you do not have ‘Flight mode’ turned on.
Check on the device manager (open start and type ‘device manager’), under Network adapters that your Wi-Fi card driver is properly installed and has no exclamation mark on it.
If you have a free spirited friend you can ask them to test your card on their machine. It’s usually very easy to remove the card on laptops with a service hatch on the bottom.


if you can, get ya self a LAN cable. should solve your headache

Have you tried using another laptop?

sasa ivi ndio NV huingia si kuitisha mbandols ama codes


Kuna mtu alisema hapa anajua mwislamu hutengeneza hizo vitu. Mtafute atakusaidia .

Roll back/uninstall and reinstall the network adaptor drivers and try connecting again

Find the latest wireless driver for your laptop uninstall the current driver from device manager > network adapters. Restart your machine after the uninstall then install the driver you downloaded. The driver can be downloaded from HP Support.

thank you all for your help. i have tried every thing provided apart from that one of trying my card on another machine. @The_Virus yea other laptops connect perfectly to the router.

am new here

Make sure the drivers you are downloading are for win 8.1 if it still has the same issue, try za win 7… I have dealt with several machines (mainly Dell laptops) with wifi issue and they all had win 8 or 8.1 most times the win 7 driver worked perfectly.

Chances are your card is faulty. if it’s a new one, run for the warranty claim.

Jaribu tehtering na phone. Laptop ikishika wifi ya phone ni router yako imechapa, kama bado haishiki wifi then for sure your driver(ama card) ndio iko na shida.
Kama shida ni driver, toa hiyo halafu uende kwa manufacturer’s website kisha download ingine. Labda hiyo driver ya saa hii is corrupt/infected etc or it isnt compatible with that crap windows 8.1 (seriously man, rudi windows 7).

Kama hupendi stress mob nunua a usb wifi adapter (plug and play). Cheap and better reception plus it solves any prob, be it the card or the driver.:smiley:

i have tried it bt the machine looses connection when the phone goes one meter away na nikiikaribisha kwa lapii inachukua kamoja tu ama tuwili aty iyo ndo strength ya wifi