Wifi user accounts and bandwidth manager

I’m looking for router to manager user accounts for billing purposes and bandwidth management.

I’m looking For something more user friendly than Cisco routers.

I wAnt to be able to suspend accounts of the guys who don’t pay up while also capping bandwidth usage.

Which is the best one available locally and where can I buy one ?

i hope you are not the guy niliibia mneti jana when had gone to my friend’s crib

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mikrotik hua wanafanya nini??

si you secure wifi yako na web page ya login

Mikrotik works for me…

Where do get this microtik ??

@hischooler How do I do that. ? I’m I sing nano station.


Angalia Jumia.com its around 4-5k

Capping bandwidth… Network admins always think they are Demi gods… that’s why I invest heavily on VPN tunneling services… toboa mashimo on that iron wall of yours…

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