Wifi hacking app

Hi folks, please assist with a working wifi password cracker.

Nunua telkom uwache kupigia honourable elders kelele wakati wanavamia sherehe.

Zikujeee hizo ma App

Peasants everywhere

Mjinga nunua bundles

wewe bana, Samtymu Tafuta Kikongwe uwache wizi

Cunt relate

lipia internet na uwache upuus

Unless the WiFi is encrypted with the deprecated WEP or has WPS enabled yoy will need specialised tools, software and skills.

If anybody gives you an app for cracking WiFi networks, be sure it’s malware you will be getting. Just give up.

Thanks man. Was in transit in some stupid airport without public wifi

Use Termux but you need Professional knowledge.

Several good options in Kali Linux…[SIZE=2].but don’t try if you don’t know wtf you’re doing[/SIZE]. Hacking is illegal.